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Reply to "Scrolling gallery on eBay is years out of date"

Hi retro_killer_clothing,

Thanks for posting about your issue here. I believe that these ended listings most likely got stuck in your scrolling gallery because the token linking your Auctiva account to your eBay account expired but, if that was the only issue, I would have expected the ended items to be removed automatically since you generated a new token a few days ago.

If you are still seeing these ended items in your scrolling gallery, please contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and clicking the “File Support Case” option and we will look into this further.

For the time being, you should be able to remove those items from your scrolling gallery manually by mousing over the “Stores” tab within your account, selecting the “Manage Items”, and marking them as “Hidden”. Once you have done so, the hidden items should no longer show up in your scrolling gallery within a few hours.

Also, as long as you have a valid token and keep the “Append Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings” setting in your Auctiva Account Preferences section enabled, our system should automatically add the scrolling gallery to each new listing you post and you should not need to add the scrolling gallery HTML manually.

I hope this helps!

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