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Reply to "Shipping charges---ebay says UNFAIR???????"

I found with my clothing ID (thats coming out of summer retirement soon) that FPL is the way I go for the most part. I will have some items up for auction..but in the long run, I found that with clothing a person wants to buy and to buy now.

You sell the same way I do with my clothing.

90 days search and then average for FPL.

With some exceptions of course..I know the Olga nightgowns can go high so I start those at what I want for the item and then let them go from there. Same thing...I have a Masters golf shirt.

Here's an identical nightgown that I have and will be putting up for auction..I fully expect to get that much if not more so I'll start it similar to this price and just let the winner be the winner. I have a peignor set thats a red Olga and that should do really great and a couple more Olga's that should get bout the same price as the one below, too.

I wish I had the time to research more in full vintage clothing...cause I know that I've seen so many items out there and then researched the item..then kicked myself in the arse for not grabbing it. Specially the prices that I buy stuff at...which is similar to your costs..dirt cheap!

And yep..that's what I like bout FPL, too. I schedule the auctions as I go along and I'm done. No researching for best time, day of the week and more.

I have a great four piece Anne Klein classic cut suit set that I can't wait to put up for auction. I paid 2.00 for the entire set and it was in a dry cleaner bag, too. Freshly cleaned! Can you believe it? <smile>

I still accept money orders and personal checks. I've always said to each his own but you're correct in stating..I always have to wait longer for those payments. There is a higher incident of NPB with accepting mailed payments. And this year I was thinking of cancelling out the mailed payments on clothing and tangible items..but then again, some of the sweetest repeat customers have paid by mailed payments.

Be goofy..Life is too short to be serious all the time, right?

My best,
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