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Reply to "Shipping charges---ebay says UNFAIR???????"

I sold another $71.97 FP listings (3 to be exact) this morning. An item that's in demand (popular) priced right...sells! I love it!

Ive sold $250.80 (10 items) (excluding shipping) in like 2 1/2 day with FP listing.

Unless I think I have a hidden treasure that's going to bid into the stratosphere, auctions are a thing of the past for me. Fixed priced listings are wonderful. I should have done it long, long ago. Once you let go of the it might bid up, I should see if it bids up mentality you're free. Also, most of these sold the first time out and with in 1 to 1 1/2 days of being listed.

That's a great turn over. Try it!



You're one of the few, fabulous buyers I will be missing out on. In fact, I just switched to PP immediate payment because a buyer purchased a FP (BIN) listing and the proceeded to tell me when she would pay. Of course, her payment date isn't the same as my payment terms. I'm really tired of these buyers. I feel there are enough buyers out there who have money in the bank or a PP account, who CAN pay right away. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe not. I'll find out.

Oh, one last thing, a buyer emailed me last week informing me she couldn't bid on one of my auctions because she didn't have a PP account. She was very polite and really wanted the suit she was watching. I told her, no problem. As long as she understood she had to pay with a postal money order within 7 days. She paid with a postal money order in 9 days. Close enough. Okay, I'm outta here.

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