Reply to "So Slow, Server Reset Messages and timing out"

Hi Community,

Thank for helping to bring this to our attention. We have been reviewing our systems since noticing this thread but we have not been able to find anything amiss on our end that would explain this behavior, so we will need to look into these reports further if the problems continue.

If any of you are still encountering error messages or unusual site slowness, we would appreciate it if you can run a trace route from your network to and let us know the results so we can evaluate the routers on your path to our systems as well as our own equipment.


1) Select "Run" from the Windows "Start" menu.
2) Enter "cmd" in the ensuing field and click "OK".
3) Then, in the black DOS window, type tracert and press the "Enter" key

Mac OS:

1) Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Network Utility
2) Click the “Trace Route” tab
3) Enter and click “Trace”

Once you have this information, please open a support case by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File a Support” case option and paste the results into the case along with as much detail as you can provide about the behavior and/or error messages you are receiving.

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