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Reply to "SpareDollar Migrators Suthrnjewl HERE!"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:

It could be from those who have been riding through the labor pains during the birth of Auctiva.

I think you're right. That would be my guess. And another guess: If you look at any auction service's community boards, you might guess that *none* of them are any good. It's the old "doctor's paradox" (that I just now made up). A doc once told me, "You know, we never get to see very many of our successes..." In other words, people only show up when they're sick. Likewise, *to a great extent* most posts on an auction service's community boards will be problem oriented, to say the least. Most everybody that's happy and content is out buying stuff and posting auctions.

So it's easy to get a distorted view of how bad things really are. And it also appears that lots of people sub-conciously (I think) adopt other peoples complaints as their own - even though they never experienced them. This is bad because most people would never believe how many failures originate in their own PC, not the service's

Then there's fact that the support people have to to deal mostly with people with no "Y" chromosomes. JUST JOKING!! I wanted to see if I'd put you to sleep, yet.

I don't know Auctiva's numbers but you can bet that they have thousands of listings on-line at any give moment, but usually only few customers with un-resolved problems. Hopefully no one with unadressed problems

And a-now, I'ma gonna get un-adressed-a, and take a shower-a.

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