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Reply to "Stupid question?"

Originally posted by rupa179:
Thank you so much Suthrnjewl!

No wonder you are so smart. Your ebay store is huge. How do you find the time with three children? The good Lord blessed me with 4 so I know it isn't easy. God Bless. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for the compliment! I've been doing the eBay thang for quite some time, so I've picked up a bit of knowledge as I've gone along.

Four? Children?
Aren't you blessed!

I wanted a minimum half dozen...but was told by the doctor before I delivered my third I shouldn't have any more children. That I might not make it through another pregnancy. Oh how I mourned not being able to have as many children as I wanted. But I moved on and have definitely enjoyed the three that I've been given. They're handfuls!

My oldest lives out on his own! When did he grow up? <smile> He's only 10 minutes from here, so he's home often. Rummaging through the fridge and chilling on the couch.

The second one is still at home and in school but has plans to move out within the next year.

That leaves the princess! She has two more years at home and then college hits! She has plans for an art college here in state or one in New York. We shall see.

Mark my words..<smile> I WILL be a basketcase when they leave my nest for good.

I figure grandchildren will come within the next five to seven I can look forward to that! <wink>

Nice to meet cha!
Come around more often, we're a nice little group of people!

Take care, Donna
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