Reply to "Suggestion For Auctiva - Fix it before you release it"

These are just a few of the problems that still exist:

No Help File (that is the biggie) Still haven't figured out how to retreive eBay fees.

Email Import Function does not work right

Reports aren't calculating right

Data Card not importing data correctly ( I have found that even with the new system I can do some functions such as entering cost, S&H charges, Insurance more quickly on the data card rather than scrolling all over the spreadsheet - but to each his own)The card is available and therefore should function even if you think everyone should "wean" themselves from it and adapt to your system.

Lack of sufficent email tags

Emails for combined auctions do not include auction numbers or descriptions. Not everyone wants to use invoice numbers and appear to be a large impersonal corporation.

There are many more problems.. The 3.x forum has 2/3 the amount of posts just since Sept as teh 2.x forum even though 2.x has been around for much longer.

Many of these problems should have been fixed before release. And they certainly should have had support staff around to help at the time of release.

There are things I like about the program and, if everything worked, it would be fine. But at the moment that is a big "IF"

As for my participating in the Beta, I really don't have the time. That is why I pay for the manager in the first place. To have a program that saves me time over doing everything manualy. I also pay for a separate posting service because I find it faster and easier than using Auctiva Poster which is included in the amount that I pay for eBud. Not, to mention the fact that every time I have tried to schedule items with Poster, they have failed to launch on schedule. I don't mind paying for a service but I want it to work when they release it and I want adequate support when thngs go wrong.
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