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Suggestion for images

Things have been running better today, for me. YEAH!

Anyway, I have alot of images & find it time consuming & difficult to clean house, move things or look for things.

Is there a way to either:
1) add something to be able to turn image thumbs off so the pages load faster when navigates thru the manage images section?
2) when clean out files have the option to choose for that file to come back up rather than the all files page as it is now. For ex... say I am working in december file, I erase a few pics from page one & would like to still use the file for the remaining 6 pages of pics to erase what is sold. As it is now, after the pics are erased from page one, I have to wait for the all files page to load, then I have to reload december file & go thru that to get thru all the pages. What I would like to see is a little button to select that allows me to stay & work in December file, if I would like to. This would save MUCH time!!

~~ Michelle ~~
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