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Reply to ""Sweeping Changes Mimic Amazon""

I just recently began selling on Amazon, and I find the "amazonification" term sort of humorous. Because on Amazon, I've also seen reference to "Ebayerism" over there.

On an eBay forum today, I saw someone comment that eBay was not viable as a media venue, with these changes, but I don't see where they got that idea. As a media seller, and also a media buyer, I believe that the changes will achieve what they hope to achieve. More inventory listed...

I sell books on numerous venues, however, I must limit my upfront risk, in listing inventory on eBay, because of the listing fees. As a buyer, I've often seen the absence of a combined shipping discount to be one of the Amazon marketplaces biggest drawbacks. (I will shop Amazon for new books, but not used.) Perhaps Amazon is "king" in some peoples minds, but its never the first place I SHOP for books. Namely, because I'm one of those shoppers who never buys just ONE book. Perhaps I am alone on this, but I don't find their third party storefronts to be at all user friendly. I much prefer eBay...

I am able to offer my customers a much greater value on eBay, because I can control their shipping discounts. My customers are generously rewarded for making multiple purchases from me on eBay. With these fixed rate changes, I can now realistically also offer them a much greater selection of inventory, to take advantage of these discounts. Though yet to be implemented, the changes in listing fee structure, promise to provide MY buyers an enhanced buying experience.

I also don't see where the "auction is dead" gloom and doom attitude is stemming from. Auctions are still available for those items which an auction is still the best option. Which pricing structure is best still depends largely on what you are selling. An auction format, is definately not a requirement for my current selling items on eBay, being primarily Mass Market paperback sales. I only use that format because it is the most economical way to list. (short of committing to a store)

While the jury is still out as to how this will impact sales, beyond a hypothetical projection...I am optimistic for my particular selling niche of book buyers who are READERS, as opposed to collectors. Being a book lover who enjoys sharing her "preowned" finds with a customer base of fellow readers, with front door delivery service, I am excited about the possibilities of offering a BETTER alternative to Amazon.

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