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Reply to ""Sweeping Changes Mimic Amazon""

Originally posted by lady of leather:
So you want to list on other auction sites! good luck! No one ever buys from them and their search engines and categories are the pits!
There are no other online auctions that are very useable and eBay knows it, they rule, period. Wouldn't it be nice if Auctiva made it's own auction site and took all it's members with them? So the law suit would take about 20 years to complete but by then who would remember ebay?
eBay is just 'gosh darn' greedy and not seller friendly! All the new rules are like reading your car insurance policy. If they would spend more time fixing their old tech problems like not being able to use automatic shipping discounts in Motors etc. instead of creating new ones would be a miracle.
I am leaving my email address listed on my auctions for all those credit criminal that have to use money orders. There is a work around for everything.
Sue B.

I agree Ebay is the best by far from any other auction site, and I agree that Auctiva should start their own. Ebay's greed is what will move auctioneers from ebay, the percent they reap from our sales plus the additional cost through paypal. Your idea about the emails I've already done to prepare for the next upcoming months and im searching COD's through other places like fed ex, and UPS. thanks for posting your comments! Well said.
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