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Reply to "Templates search box items seem off."


No it was not always like this. This has happened with one of the RECENT site updates and is HUGELY time consuming to have to look through pages of unrelated templates to find one that applies to what you are searching for.

I probably use more of a variety of templates than most due to the items I sell.......
We also really really really need some new templates. Several templates are really unusable because of images or words on them and several more are just too juvenile.
Jewelry, Art, Furniture, Cameras, Watches, Antiques, Vintage are a few that are really in need of help and are lacking in terms of selections....there are several others. We could use templates for "real" art, "fine" jewelry, antique/vintage cameras, etc etc.
Have already tried using the "make suggestion" link but nothing is ever added...suggestions are not taken and the "new" templates have to be at least a year old already and some that come up on the search now as "new" are even older.
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