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Reply to "Templates search box items seem off."

Thanks for response...

Please keep in mind, this is NOT asking for some new feature to be added this is a "FIX" of something that use to work. This worked great for MANY years.

I can only assume an update along the line knocked some of these around.

Unless auctiva did intentionally like some of the other improvements done in past that turned out to be things that mattered to us.

It is unreasonable that we should have to go through a 150 templates that do NOT apply to subject at hand when maybe 20 TOPS actually apply to the subject put in in case of mens. In other categories it could be hundreds plus with 10 or less that are applicable.

Unfortunately, there is no go around for this problem.

This is a "fix" of a previously working item that in some areas still not like the wheel is being reinvented.

I am hoping your tech team puts this has a fix and treats accordingly with an ETA. Honestly this is a time waster for those who use the categories messed up. It is like muddling through a pile trash for a few coke cans.

I am also concerned a future update or whatever was done will be done to the other categories and then we will have a super mess!! Since it seems to be unknown what caused it this is a very good possibility I would think.

Thanks again.
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