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Reply to "Templates search box items seem off."

Search By color......Some more examples for BAD keyword searches

Brown - and you get templates for Late Spring Blue, Peach Floral, PINK

Red - and you get Camera BLUE, Checkered Flag YELLOW, Checkered Flag BLUE, Eat Your Vegetables (YELLOW), Grapes

This really isn't a hard thing to fix. This is a matter of CHANGING the KEYWORDS/TAGS for those templates, which is what was changed to add them to the unrelated searches to begin with.

It is not a technical issue and there is no reason it needs to take months to get fixed. It is nothing that needs to be changed with a future update of the system either. It is a VERY SIMPLE FIX.
These unrelated templates are nothing but time consuming to go through for no good reason.

Do you have any idea how time consuming this can be to go through unrelated templates??

If we want a blue template, for example, and search for a blue template we should not be getting yellow or pink templates.
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