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Reply to "Templates search box items seem off."

Auctiva this does need to be dealt with, as previously mentioned it previously worked and no longer is functioning.

Who wants to put subject, etc., in search box only to have to look through 200 templates when only 10 apply.

I can only assume this was done so it appears there are more templates for each search than there really are.

Frankly, in this case less is more. It is time waster go through irrelevant templates.

Auctiva, few questions:

Is this going to be fixed?

IF so ETA?

If not is there a go around that I have not found?

The recently used may be a solution for those who do not list a variety of different items. I find I am using same templates over and over because looking through irrelevant ones is a time eater...and time is $$$$$.

Thanks for updating us on this.
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