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Reply to "Thanks Auctiva You've Done It Again!"

Originally posted by Westvatexan:
Donna, I have an LP of Batman from 1966 in pretty good shape on Wittle Bill's I have the price set about 4 or 5 bucks less than its actual value...but the lp is not getting even my price right now...this is one of those items that goes up and down constantly and twice now ive missed the boat when it was selling high. Just let me know if ya want it. I will sell it to you for 10 bucks and actual shipping media mail. I have it listed for $19.95 its worth about 25 to 30 in actual value.

Lemme show my Joshua..and I'll get back with you.

I even looked at that item of yours the other day and was weighing whether or not to buy it or not. Guess what? Buying school supplies for my daughter won out.

I really appreciate this.

I'm headed out for a couple of days & will be back.

Talk to you soon. I have your email and will email about this, ok?

Be Safe,
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