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Reply to "THE SHIPPING SCAM & Show It All. Please BRING IT ON ! Let's Talk I Want To Know..."

Originally posted by Direct2UWholesale:
Posted February 02, 2006 05:40 AM
Alright...I'm finally going to throw my two cents in.

Very eloquently said...and an Excellent post.
I appreciate your research and suggestions.

My beef is with the sellers who start the item at a penny and sock it to the customer somewhere else... shipping & handling fee's.

True Dat!

I would like to see buyers get honest postage fee's with NO padding of the cost's. Then the customer can look at the total cost of the item and decide if it's a good enough deal for them to want to bid. Instead they take a look at a cheap auction then see the outrageous fee's and 1/2 off them walk away from eBay completely.

I wish I could say they'll wake up and smell the java brewing..but they aren't. I've been with eBay <cough cough> since 97 using my hubsters ebay ID and well, it was a much better place to sell AND buy. More wild, wild, west mentality but you knew what you were getting. I don't think eBay will begin roping in the ones that are throwing the auction/bin curve off.

Sellers should protect the eBay market place. We get the advantage of excellent advertising which we could not afford in private business. We need to protect our reputations and our customers. This is our store and no one will want to come in and shop if they think there getting ripped off by sneaky postage & handling scams. Professional sellers need to ban together and make this an honest market place. It's in our own best interests.

You're gonna have to find a whole LOTTA people who want to give up a whole LOTTA their time and sit reporting ebay avoidance over and over and over. This would have to be a very, VERY concerted effort on a very large scale.

For the record? I do agree with you...wholeheartedly.

Take care, Donna
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