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Reply to "The website game - what am I missing?"

Originally posted by leahyrlw:
OK, I'm computer illiterate and learning thanks to you guys. There something I don't understand. I pay for a domain name(not much). I have all these little free blogs/pages, none of which are linked to my domain name. I would like to create one web page to point to these pages. I can create it with DeamWeaver,Front Page,($400.00) etc. and then get an FTP Client(another $400.00) to point it to my domain name.
Surely I'm missing something here. It just can't be this expense. What am I missing?



I use Cort FTP lite which is a free download. It works real well. And I've yet to have it fail.

If you want to forward your domain name to your URL it's real easy. Depending on who your domain name holder is...well, if it's GoDaddy you just go to the tab that states Forward this URL. If it's another holder (my names were bought through and it has real simple step by step instructions on the site. Some domain holders require that they forward your URL for you.

Who holds your domain name? You have my email address if you'd rather send the info there.

Do NOT buy high dollar software..there's too much free software out there that does a fine job. Now, professionsals that do design for their livlihood? Yep..they need the expensive stuff.

We have quite a few good designers on this site, WAHM is one, Starry Night is another and so is KWK Designs. You'd be better off asking one of them.

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