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Reply to "Tinfoil Hats Worn eBay Live! 2006 100% Charity Auction PLEASE ADD to WATCH LIST!"

aw, shucks. thanks magie!

like magie said, this is 100% charity auction, with proceeds going to a small non-profit that assists persons with HIV.

HIV is affecting people from all walks of life, and I selected a smaller charity so that I will know that the monies will actually go to good use, rather than being eaten up with adminstrative expenses like some of the larger charities do.

please add to watch list under all your ebay ids, logout of ebay and watch it as a guest, and spread the word. Smile

thanks in advance!

P.S. - and yes, I really did wear these at live! Smile magie and auctiva staff can attest to it, they all saw me wearing 'em Smile and yes, they really worked! *heh* Smile
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