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Reply to "Today's Update 9/25/12"


in looking at the below I realize the size of Auctiva and even more baffled why they didn't even respond to my very very serious offer to pay the over $100 to do something they could then give/charge others for. Also if they are that large charging 5 dollars more per month (that of course features are added that are useful not just pretty) might add up to real money? 5 dollars times a big number is an even bigger number

"... When you operate as the largest third party development partner to a giant, such as eBay, your business direction and timing depends a great deal on the decisions that the other company makes. While not always easy or simple, we do our best to strike a balance between the development changes required by eBay and the functional needs of our customers.
Our Product Manager, Rebecca Miller, regularly communicates directly with eBay product managers and tries to stay ahead of any new changes coming down the pipeline. A big part of her job is to not only become familiar with the changes but understand what the impact of those changes will be on our customers. She coordinates with our awesome Auctiva development team and actively works to ensure that the Auctiva product will seamlessly sync up with eBay like it has done for over a decade.

When possible our Auctiva developers will do months of back-end preparation before a new eBay change goes into effect. Our Auctiva developers also have a speed-dial relationship with the eBay technical minds and eBay has done a good job of keeping us informed about what will be required to keep Auctiva working seamlessly with the online marketplace.

Generally these eBay changes are well-calendared, here at Auctiva we know that timing is everything, and our developers watch the clock and act quickly to push the Auctiva updates out as quickly as possible.

Occasionally, not all the parts click together as easily as we would like. In some instances, such as with the recent category change eBay initiated, Auctiva developers are unable to implement their Auctiva updates until the new eBay changes have been pushed live on their site. And try as we may, that’s when our users can unfortunately see a snag in the system as our changes sync up with what eBay has done.

Downtime Reactions

We all know that in the online world, downtime is a constant concern. Twitter, Facebook, even eBay all have their share of unforeseeable downtime issues despite massive amounts of time and money spent to prevent or at least minimize the impact. Servers crash; power is lost and generators fail; even back-up, off-site, 3rd party hosting companies go down and affect all the sites they are serving.

It’s not pretty and we realize that with our Auctiva sellers, time is money!

When the Auctiva site goes down or is unable to communicate with the eBay API, our customer support team and technicians move quickly to respond to support cases as well as get the site back up and running the way it was designed to.

Our Customer Support manager, Mike Davies, is never far from his cell phone, even while he’s away from the office, just in case an Auctiva support issue comes up that his team would need his input.

Mike is also one of the main contributors to our Auctiva Community Forums and also hosts our Auctiva 101 webinars. He’s a frequent seller on eBay and knows the Auctiva product inside and out. We’re proud to have him on our team.

eBay is on a steady course of growth and new developments, and we will continue to mold our product around the marketplace and their new features. It’s our goal to maintain the core of who we are as a company and maintain our commitment to our users in the process.

To stay up to date on new eBay changes or Auctiva developments, be sure to check out our community forums. We are also on Facebook and Twitter and are open to user feedback and input.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for many more years.
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