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Reply to "Today's Update 9/25/12"

Needless to say..when I found this on facebook earlier in week and read it...I sure did some head nodding...amazing!! I did post on forums asking about it being put somewhere in the community or an announcement page or something.

Here is that post link

I also posted on facebook about it being put on forums too, here is their response.

Auctiva Hi there. For urgent news and updates that we need our users to know about, we will post across all Auctiva channels (Facebook, Twitter, the Community Forum, the blog and the site). This blog post was not announcing any change in particular, but was a post regarding some of the background workings that go on at the company when we are working on updates.

September 24 at 2:43pm

But again, seems to me that this would be general information for ALL of us not just those who stumble upon it on facebook or other social sites.

Guess I like my social sites to be that social, not business, but in order to stay informed guess we have to mix business with social and be on facebook, tweeting, blogging, maybe my space or pinterest...who knows....

Though have been ASSURED that is not the case seems I see interesting information on there...that if we had an "announcement board" similar to ebays may keep ALL of us informed and not just those on social sites.

again, just my thought...and others may not agree...
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