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Upcoming Changes to USPS Options

Hi all,
I copied this from Andale's site. Maybe some of you don't know this yet:

USPS has recently announced some upcoming changes to domestic Priority, First Class, and Express Mail shipping options, as well as additional changes to International shipping options. Please be aware of the below changes to USPS shipping options on our site, which we have scheduled to be released prior to the USPS changes in late May. We are releasing these options early so you can update your items accordingly, in advance. We will post an updated announcement when these options become available, with more information on the best and easiest methods to update your items:

Priority Mail
Priority mail will require dimensions on large and extra large packages (over 1 cubic foot). Andale will be adding the dimensions to the Lister and Lister Pro prior to the USPS changes.

First Class Mail
First Class mail will now require a designation between Letter, Parcel and Flat. Andale will also be adding these choices to the Lister and Lister Pro in advance of the USPS change.

Express Mail
New 1-Pound option is being introduced. Andale will also be adding this option to the Lister and Lister Pro in advance of the USPS changes.

Currently, there are 8 different methods of shipping international packages, which will be changing to 4 methods.

Global Express Guaranteed Document and Non-Document will be collapsed into one method entitled Global Express Guaranteed.

Global Express mail will remain unchanged.

Global Priority Mail, Airmail Parcel Post and Economy Parcel Post will be collapsed into Priority Mail International

Airmail Letter Post and Economy Letter Post will be collapsed into First-Class Mail International

Your current choices in International shipping will be automatically mapped to the new methods.
For example: If you have selected Airmail Parcel Post, it will be changed to Priority Mail International.

To prepare for this upcoming change, you may wish to view the new rates at: and determine if you need to change any of your existing business processes or shipping options.

Example: If you ship large lightweight items that will be affected by the new dimension based Priority shipping; you could investigate FedEx of USPS as an alternative carrier.

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