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jnm trading,

Thanks for your questions. I will try to answer you as best I can.

Q: Is there a way to add to the inventory on the listing pages ? This would make everything very easy. It would be the same as ebay's product details option. You also wouldn't have to do the work twice (add to inventory and then create a listing)

A: Unfortunately, we don't have that ability in place today. Interesting idea and one we will think about, though.

Q: It would also be nice to have a pop down to regulate your inventory. So if I add 10 to my inventory I will have a pop down to add as many as I would like up to 10.

A: Not sure what you mean by a 'pop down'. You can adjust (either increase or decrease) your inventory quantity using the Add Inventory Adjustment transaction. It is one of the 'actions' that is available for each inventory item on the Manage Inventory Items page. You can adjust it by any quantity you need to.

Q:Importing ??? It would be very nice to be able to edit you current listings. I have about 1000 active listings and over 1/2 of them I need to add product info. Bulk edit would be really nice. We do a lot of consignment and I am not sure how this will help that but it will help a lot with the resale side of our business.

A: We don't have 'importing' of inventory items yet. By 'importing', I'm assuming you mean loading inventory items from a spreadsheet comma delimited file or similar. That capability is something that people have requested and we may add it in the future.

You may find our Inventory FAQs may be helpful to you. Also, we have a group of Inventory Tutorials that may be helpful (see lower right side of the page the link takes you to.)

Hope this helps.
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