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Reply to "Using AUDIO on eBay Auctions"

Originally posted by toppix:
Hi Donna,

Here's a link to one of our current auctions:

Please let me know what you do/don't like about the audio. I just started doing this and I'm looking to make some improvements.

Much to my surprise, the auto-play has performed better than the click-to-play audio descriptions. However, because of my own personal preference, I think I'll start making the audio click-to-play.

If anyone's interested in using audio in their auctions or on their website, here's the link to start a $1 trial:


Actually, I like it. No offense but the very first word, "hello" is too high pitched and turned me off but after that, I like it.

Might be good for promoting sales, shipping specials and this sort of thing.

Magie begins to think....
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