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Reply to "Using AUDIO on eBay Auctions"

Originally posted by toppix:
Hi Magie,

$29/month is a lot, but it's worth it to me because I have seen my profits increase much more than that.

Also, I have received enough referrals just from users clicking on the link on my auctions that the service is now free for me.

I also agree about "Hello" being too high pitched. Do you think the pace of the message is too fast? I think I'm going to make another recording with my voice later on; I speak quite a bit slower and hopefully my voice isn't too high-pitched Smile.

Thanks for your help!

QVox "sounds" (pun intended) like it might be a good idea. However, I tried playing a sample and it wouldn't open. Also, could you find any info on price for this service?

I think you have to contact them. Still, listening to other recordings, you can tell they're trained in broadcasting techniques. Newscasters and the like, learn how to speak the way they do. It takes a lot of practice. Lol, like reading the newspaper over and over and over again aloud in the rhythm they teach you to use. Anyway, I have no idea of their pricing. If you plan on using this for the life of your business $29 x 12 = $348 per year. If you can get endless referals then it doesn't matter. However, they're using a file you can learn to create and store yourself for free. Or have someone create it using their voice and then you store it at your cost. All you would need is server space to put it on and there are even free places for this.

It would require more effort and work on your part but once done, in the end it will save you money over time.

These are my feelings on it.
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