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Reply to "WagglePop & Auctiva"

Originally posted by Westvatexan:
Thanks Jeff, I pretty much figured if I wanted to use auctiva I would have to paste the code myself...but hey thats not so bad.

As far as it getting popular, Rome was not built in a day. Ebay itself was around back when I didnt have love but no one I ever talked to about it had ever even heard of it.

I think wagglepop is set up pretty good like ebay is...I will give it some time to get the kinks out and see what happens. Im not a big time seller anyway so I'll climb on board.

They have certainly got themselves a name that your not going to forget. If they can get it running smoothy, I feel that sellers are more than ready for an alternative to ebay.

I think wagglepop would do well to waive the final value fees for 6 months or something until they get the sellers onboard. Without the sellers products there is no wagglepop. A little incentive never hurts.

If they are sincere, I wish em all the luck in the world and if it works out, I will praise them to everyone I know.

Well I hope you're right, but you apparently didnt experience the big Wagglepop blow-up a few months ago. When gabillions of sellers flocked to the site, no doubt spent cumulative thousands of hours listing items for sale, and then the site went poof, leaving everyone there completely in the lurch. That's what I meant when I said the site has a lot of strikes against it and sellers will be reluctant to come back. Sellers who went through that experience (thousands of them) will not trust Ray or his website again.
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