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Reply to "wahm922 I know its you!!!"


I've been here close to a year and I'm pleased as peaches. There is no perfect third party service. Even eBay with gallery pics is down from time to time.

As with most message boards for services, the angry ones are the ones that are new to the service..once they get used to how the service works or learning to dump cache, history, blah blah blah then they're fine.

I had planned on leaving SD long before the announced price hike. Never paid the upgraded price for the service. Anyway, It was never about the money or the cost of SD, it was the service I received and the lack of updating simple coding such as categories and no customer service, no acknowledgements to emails to the owner. Whatever a persons choice for leaving shouldn't matter to anyone else. <shrug> Water under the bridge.

I had a bevy of Asian Invaders to my ID that put me wayyyy behind getting out. I still got out before the price hike that was advertised as much needed for the upgraded version of SD and the hiring of more help. <wink> Uh yeah right.

What helped me with the moving of my 500+ files was the auto-import. The rest you'll have to right click the NAME of the .jpg and then copy and paste the auctions that you have saved in files. It's time consuming but yes, it can be done..If I could do it with that many, just for this account, then so can many others. If memory serves (and often it doesn't) Auctiva worked with another from SD earlier this year in regards to a much larger transport. You might have to search the archives.

You're coming at a good time, Auctiva is updating to version 1.5 this Friday and 2.00 will be coming shortly thereafter.

Please know that Auctiva has been doing third party service longer than any other that's around.

Be sure to sign up for your 30 day trial of Sellathon that comes with Auctiva.

I tell everyone to take the online class with Mike..(cruetsonly says he's the greatest, ha) it answers alot of questions. (link is in my sig)

Customer Service tickets are answered honestly and promptly.

You won't find animosity here. I leave that to other services. <shrug> Number one: It's just not tolerated Number two: We the members just don't want it.

Gotta run!
My best wishes for continued eBay success,
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