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Reply to "Westvatexan"

Hi again,
1. The Vstore like I have is a ( - You can put anything you want on it and sell it for whatever price you like, except items of a pornographic nature. Vstore does not supply products for my kind of store but they will direct you on the admin pages to drop shippers and wholesalers if you desire. As far as the design of it, it is basically the same for all of them only you can choose different colors and buttons and such.

There is a forum for helping you get rolling and plenty of tutorials also. When your setting it up, it kind of explains what you need to do for each step but some things get a little detailed and you will have to look deeper into it in the help pages or forums and such. In any case you will have to set it up yourself top to bottom as far as shipping methods, credit cards, payment modules, taxes, emails, the works. You can literally change or modify just about every aspect of the store including window sizes, product displays, language, currency, just about everything, except its principal layout design.

For example in the general layout the first pages column reads Home in the top left. Now, even though you cannot change the shape of that column header you can change the wording. Like instead of home you can change it to Main or anything you like. See what I mean? Its the same throughout the whole design. You can change almost everything in the store front.

2. If you went to ( then you were looking at a whole different ballgame. - is a different version of the vstore. It's super simple. You just open a store and its your job to promote it and make the sales. Vstore provides & ships the products for you and you get a commission from the sale. I dont have one of the new stores like this one, so I didnt look into it to much. Im pretty sure thats the bulk of how it works though from all I have read about it anyway.

The store like the one I have ( will most likely take the average person a couple of days messing with it to get it all set up but its your store and you can do what you want with it. The store wont take any time at all to set up but you dont have freedom to do what you like. Hope this helps explain it a little better.

P.S. - Warning, dont stare at my new Freaky Baby avatar or it will hypnotize you....lolol.
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