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P.S. - Warning, dont stare at my new Freaky Baby avatar or it will hypnotize you....lolol.

Tooo late....I'm in love!!!!

I think I'll give Vstore a there a way to put a link on my Ebay auctions? Or will Ebay have a snit fit? I've had some items listed on HiBidder but have never had a sale so am not putting new items on. Unfortunately, Ebay is the only auction site that most people are familiar with so thought if I provided a link on a couple of Ebay auctions, "lookers" might drop by.

I'm tempted to try the drop shipper route since most of the items I have are miscellaneous items of clothing and odds and ends of my husband's train collection. Not enough to fill a store unless I go on a massive garage sale hunt. Having access to products would be important to me.

I once bought some things on line from what I now feel was a drop shipper and not a "it is sitting in my front room" seller. One was a lot of 6 men's pants...all of them were defective, open seams, the brad buttons on the fly were missing and they smelled! The other sale was for fruit dehydrators...I bought 6 and planned to give them to my children for Christmas. They came in boxes held together with duct tape, at least one or two of the shelves in most of them were broken...I was able to salvage enough to make two complete dehydrators. I sent photos of them to the seller and my monies were immedately refunded. However, it left a sour taste in my mouth and have shyed away from being involved in anything that I haven't personally inspected for myself.

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