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Hi tennis, You can put a link on your ebay listings to your about me page and then on your about me page have a link to an outside ebay store. I have always had a link on my listings to my store through my about me page.

Here check out one of my listings and scroll down past the accepting payments part and click on the link that says visit my collectibles site and you will see.

My next auctions are going to have my store banner on my listings linked to my about me page. From everything I have read, I wont be breaking any rules in doing so. I guess I will find

If you do open a vstore like mine it will have in its tools a tool for making it easy for letting google crawl your site for search submission. Alot of people dont know that the other big search engines copy alot of what google has in its engine. So if you submit to google then your store is also gonna end up on alot of other search engines eventually.

But in any case submit your store to as many search engines and free link exchanges as you can find and another good thing to do is join the "The Rail" community. You can check that out by going to

its free and it will bring you some visitors.
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