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Reply to "Westvatexan"

Originally posted by eWonders:

Thats a cool store, for just signing up. All that stock. Did it cost $$$$ I want one too.

To tell the truth, I'm still in shock!!! I clicked on instead of, filled out the information, clicked on activate my store, and wow! all of a sudden I'm a store owner.

I don't know where the stock came from, but I think I am now a middle man between all these items and whoever buys them. It's scarey since I know nothing about any of them....heaven help anyone who writes to me with questions!!!!

I'm still trying to access but it seems to be down....I have a whole housefull of jeans and miscellaneous items that I wanted to sell...not cameras, videos and that whole list of things.

From what I read, if any of it sells, I will get a commission check every 3 months....I sincerely hope that this is not a scam and I end up owing Sony, Polaroid or a hundred other companies for their items..

Anybody else in the forum connected with

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