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Reply to "Westvatexan"

I wouldnt worry about that freaky baby to much until its start talking to you...lolol.

Which store did you get the one like mine, or the one that has products on it already? I used froogle when I first started mine but it was free then. I think you may have to pay to submit to froogle now, not sure. Anyway, If you got a vstore like mine..if you go into admin there is a bunch of recommended links there for promotion..some of them cost ya but alot of them are free.

I wish you could have gotten a store a while back. I got onboard with a company called GotLinks back when they first started and it was free. Now its a nice successful company and you have to pay for it unless you were already there when they converted.

The best advice I can possibly give you first and foremost is use the vstore google tool and let google crawl your site for submission. Once you get onboard with google the other search engines will follow eventually and your products will end up on most of the others. However, it cant hurt to submit your site to as many free search engines as you can find.

If your really aggressive and dont mind paying for it. Targeted advertising is one of the best ways to go..there are alot of good reputable services out there that will bring customers to your store that are looking specifically for what you have. Targeted pay per click traffic is a good way to get the bussiness to your store. But I have yet to find any free targeted traffic and Im not ready to use my store to its potential yet, so Im not going to pay for traffic.

Another great way to get a little extra change in your pocket is to go to and create your own blog. Once you get it created you can put Adsense Ads on it from google and then google will pay you everytime someone clicks on one of them.
You can also put adsense ads on your own website. I dont mean one like has to be your very own website. Im pretty sure you can use them on yahoo geocities pages if you have one, but dont quote me on that.

Anyway, I wish you all the success in the world with your new store and I hope I have helped at least some.
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