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Reply to "What a PITA"

Originally posted by wayoutwest:
sounds like the PO needs to launch an investigation for mail tampering on people at address mail was forwarded to.

best of luck!

Wouldn't it be horrible if it was just someone that had a "grudge" and felt it was would be funny to change the email address to some parking lot and not an official confirmed address?

I would almost be 100% proof positive that USPS site saves IP addresses of who signs into do the address change and I'd demand to know that IP address of the computer.

Danielle, you KNOW they have this information. Push for the info..someone tampered with your personal mail. If a person were to mess with the mail that comes to my home mailbox that's considered a federal offense..if someone were to try to break into my Post Office Box, that's a federal offense..the same goes for this instance I'd assume, wouldn't you?

Federal Offenses are covered by the FBI, aren't they? Do some Googling for information.

Press this issue and don't let them double-talk you. For good measure, I'd file a police report before going to the Post Office to have in my hand.

I would notify my local government official of this breach of their governement service, too!

My Best,
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