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Reply to "What a PITA"

Hijacking this thread for uno momento.
I have family in Asheville, are you near there?

Lovely area.

Take care, Donna[/QUOTE]

Ahh... Asheville, God must have been there and called it heaven on earth.. It is such a gourgous place. I stay at a cabin in Candler, about 25 mile from Asheville, up Mt. Pisgah My old Principal Mr. Westervelt from Umatilla owns it.

As for where I currently live is just outside of Winston Salem, near Mt. Airy "Home of Mayberry" and "The Andy Griffith Show". My Wife Tonya will be relocating us.. lol.. to Lansing Michigan next month to attend Law School there. They I think we want to move back South and warm back up.

As always, Great chatting with you, Donna.

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