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Reply to "What a PITA"

Originally posted by eWonders:

Hijacking this thread for uno momento.
I have family in Asheville, are you near there?

Lovely area.

Take care, Donna[/QUOTE]

Ahh... Asheville, God must have been there and called it heaven on earth.. It is such a gourgous place. I stay at a cabin in Candler, about 25 mile from Asheville, up Mt. Pisgah My old Principal Mr. Westervelt from Umatilla owns it.

As for where I currently live is just outside of Winston Salem, near Mt. Airy "Home of Mayberry" and "The Andy Griffith Show". My Wife Tonya will be relocating us.. lol.. to Lansing Michigan next month to attend Law School there. They I think we want to move back South and warm back up.

As always, Great chatting with you, Donna.

BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Michigan in the winter!

I know right where you are. Pisgah. Gorgeous!

I love visiting Asheville. It's really moved along in population since the first time I visited in 79.

My mother/fatherinlaw live in Asheville. My brother/sisterinlaw have been in Asheville since he graduated from dental school in Birmingham (home of Southern Living)in 79. They have twin daughters, one goes to Lenoir-Rhyne (not that far from you) where she graduates this coming year with a teaching degree. The other twin is following in her Dad's dental footsteps and is attending another school.

Enjoy the move and who knows you might just fall in love with Michigan. It's been said of me and I believe it to be true...I wouldn't make it outside of the Mason-Dixon line. <smile>
I'll mail you some grits. HA!

Take care, Donna
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