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Reply to "What do I do? I need FAST advice please..."

Originally posted by California Girl:
Thanks all!! I feel good too! This guy only has a 9 feedback, but he was real nice about everything.

I told him I would refund the purchase amount for him. He wrote back and said that he did not even expect that much from me.

He has already given me a great postive feedback, and only received the phone yesterday!

So I trust him to return the phone and he trusts me to refund, as I will do. I wish all buyers were as nice as this newbie, it just goes to prove it does not always matter the feedback score. Just one's common sense!

And as I said earlier, I'll have good Karma- wish I truly truly believe in. What comes around goes around.

Thanks for your support! & advice.

It's really ironic that some of the nicest, friendliest, fastest paying, easy-to-deal with buyers have 10 or lower feedback, and some of the cranky buyers I've dealt with have 50+ feedback.
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