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Reply to "Who is going home tonight, American Idol."

Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
Well that shows what I know. I suppose sites like don't really affect the vote as much as I'd thought.

What threw me was last week he wasnt even in the bottom 3. That must have worried people and they called in even more votes for the ones they did like because they didnt want to see that person beat by Kevin.

It's all a little suspicious to me.

It was high time for Chicken Little to go home.

I visited the site votefortheworst this past week. And I voted for Chicken Little..but I don't think they have much affect on the outcome.

At this stage of the game it's a popularity vote..not necessarially whose the best artist.

I'm in agreeance with you in regards to the talent pool...Totally different than before. I can see a minimum 6 of the artists being signed by Simon's label even if they don't win American Idol...don't you think?

Polls are showing Bucky next. Also polls are showing a strong female vote for Ace. DUH! So even though I don't think he should be in the final...young teenage girls do.

So many talented folks this time. Not the socially accepted norms either.

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