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Reply to "Winning Bidder End of Auction Auto-Email"

Originally posted by schazel:
Have a question re: eBay & Auctiva Winning Bidder Email notifications... Can't seem to find info re: whether or not my winning bidders will receive duplicate winning bidder emails if I use Auctiva checkout. Does anyone have the answer to this question? If so, how do I choose one or the other service so that my winning bidders do not receive duplicate emails? I prefer to use Auctiva notifications & my templates created in Auctiva rather than eBay's or PayPal's WB Notifications. Thanks for any help on this Smile

Hello Schazel,

The Auctiva Winning Bidder Email is just a friendly and congrats email. There is no way for a customer to pay from this email. The only real invoice they receive after winning is eBay's.

Customize the Auctiva Winning Bidder Email to reflect any special payment instructions, contact information etc ....

The eBay invoice sent can be customized by you but is automatically sent by eBay and can not be turned off, just modified.

Hope that helps Schazel.

Best regards,
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