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Hi and thanks for your reply. The amount of work involved in contacting each record company and or trying to track down the original graphic artist would be a mammoth task, which would basically be for a one off canvas each time.
I was hoping that similar to music, you would be allowed to make a one off copy for your own use, similar to backing up a CD or tape, as long as you didn't make it commercially available.
The legal complexities of copyright, make it a potential minefield, too much for an individual to take on a multi-million pound company.
As I stated in the original posting, this would only be done for producing canvasses for the sleeve owner and not for commercial production.
I have many records in my collection which have superb artwork, a lot of these records I only purchased (second hand mainly) purely for the sleeve. I assume I can produce prints of these for my own use with very little chance of being prosecuted. But offering a similar service to other people via Ebay could possibly leave me open to severe penalties?
Once again, thanks for your reply.
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