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closed listings not showing up for import

sewcrafty ·
Hi, I allowed all my ebay store listings to "close" so I could relist thru Auctiva. I have several categories so it was going to be easier for me to find and relist items from one category at a time. This worked for the first category I tried out. Now I can't get any more listings to show up to be imported for revising/relisting. I have over 200 listings remaining to relist in my store. Thank you for any help.

Closed Listings purpose....???

mnormand ·
Hmm... Maybe I'm not understanding something here... I create my listings with Auctiva... They then become Saved Listings or Scheduled Listings... Then they go to Active Listings...and finally to Closed Listings. What I'm wondering is what would be the purpose of Importing Saved Listings that I used Auctiva to post? I mean, wouldn't I just end up with 2 of each listing at that point then? One that I Saved/Scheduled...and one that is now closed... What's the whole purpose of having a Closed...

closed (unsold) ebay listings not showing in closed listings

mdw ·
I have auctions that close without a sale on ebay but do not show up under auctiva closed listings filter - how can I relist them?

Closing a classic account

photosreborn ·
I am tring to find the link to close my classic account I already colsed my regular auctiva account and your system is still emailing my buyers the tocken and everything else has been erased so this is the last thing I can't find to stop your system from getting involved . can you please provide the link to close the classic account and any info if i need to do something else to stop your emails I stopped using this service months ago and want to just leave HELP PLEASE.

Closing Account Question

specials ·
I have to close my auctiva account to keep up with my ebay fees. Question is ::: What will happen to my existing listings on ebay that were listed through auctivia? Thank you in advance

Clothing Condition changed by eBay

kbrown5523 ·
I just relisted an item through ebay. Clothing now offers new, new with tags, or pre-owned. Auctiva is not showing that change. ebay also updated item specific options for jeans, these changes are also not showing up in auctiva. Does anyone know anything about these changes and/or when Auctiva will be offering the correct choices? Kim

Clothing Item Specifics

doug4567 ·
Hello. All men's and women's clothing categories are only showing the Brand field in custom item specifics when there are usually more fields to fill out. Is this on auctiva or an ebay issue? Would appreciate any advice or ETA on this being resolved. Thanks

clothing "template" to match ebay new format

thor 2 ·
Ebay has somewhat changed their clothing listings to allow to enter COLOR (along with size / type) ect. Auctiva does not give this option, so where is some incompatibility when a listing created here transfers to ebay. Is there a way to remedy this ???? thanks - kim

"CNET Reviewer Names Auctiva His Top Pick"

auctivaeditor2 ·
You can read "CNET Reviewer Names Auctiva His Top Pick" here . Reply to this message to discuss it.

Code and scrolling gallery

zkarenartist ·
When I make ads, I prefer to use an offline tool, Kompozer because I am stuck with dial-up internet service. I have copied and pasted the scrolling gallery html code into my "template." When I upload to eBay and click preview, everyhting seems to be fine. When I check back later, sometimes the scrolling gallery is there, sometimes it is not. Is there an easier way to be doing this? Will Auctiva automatically add scrolling gallery to my ads if I do not put the code in? Any other suggestions?

code numbers in listing showing different on iphone than preview or pc

lookandbuyme ·
I KNOW this has been addressed somewhere...but can't locate here I go. I have quite a few items listed that I happened to check. In preview they look great. In ebay on PC they are fine....but when I view them on iphone the numbers at bottom are showing up in blue. This is happening on quite a few of my listings. I specifically remember me addressing and thought auctiva responded this but can't locate thread. Auctiva can you refresh my memory on how I can fix this...when people click...


colleensdreams ·
Hi -- I'm looking for ways to get more traffic to my store. I've just begun using Auctiva and would love it if any experienced folks out there would take a look at my website and give me some feedback! ANY observation would be helpful! THANKS!!! Julie

color of type in Seller Details

societyof123 ·
Hello, I set up my Sellers Detail. Shipping, Terms, About Us etc. I selected Black type for all the sections. When select a template for example the "Little Angels" The color of the type in the Details is "brown" which is fine, that is the color that the template suggests. My question is that some of the type is "brown" and some stayed "black". It should all be brown. When I selected my type color when I set up my Seller Details, they were all highlight together, and I selected a default...

Colors of border

easternages ·
Hello, How do I change the color of the border on Auctiva image hosting? Can I turn it off? If change the color will the 'click here for supersize color' also change. Thanks

Colour scheme

emrobrem ·
Hi, I'm a little disappointed. Just signed up to Auctiva and linked to my ebay items. I love the scrolling window. I then found out that the colour scheme can be changed, which I did - love it even more now!!! However, I am told by the (very quick response) help centre that it wont update to the new colours on my already imported ebay listings. This is a real drag, is there any way the import can be done again using the new colours, or do I have to wait 90 days for the items to end? Any help...

Colour Scheme

quikkie ·
Hi guys, probably a simple solution but I can't work it out. In my listings the scrolling window is blue which I chose before but I have since reverted back to a red colour scheme but all new listings are still being accompanied by a blue window. Do I have to most an item through Auctiva for it to become the 'default' colour? Cheers!

Combined shipping discount

reb177 ·
I set my s/h discounts in eBay... I checked "use eBay discounts" in Auctiva then posted... none of my listings (originally) showed "(discount available)". Might this be a problem because eBay allows discount "Profiles" (I set up 2 of them) and Auctiva doesn't know which one to use? Auctiva has no options in this regard.

Combined shipping info wrong.

mysticalmom73 ·
I listed my 1st auctions via auctiva today. When I went to look at them on ebay, it put that I'd ship additional items for $4 info states $2! I have checked 3 times to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Has this ever happened to anyone? How do I change it?

combined shipping insurance

creekstonecollectibles ·
how is this done with auctiva shipping insurance? I don't see how to combine multiple shipments. thanks for any info you might have!!

Combining multiple sales

2librans ·
I have buyers who often purchased more than one item from me. When that happened, I used to send them a combined shipping invoice and they would pay once. Now it seems, they purchase one item and are immediately routed to Paypal. I end up refunding shipping overpayment on Paypal I don't use eBay's checkout and am wondering if I should. Would that interfere with my Auctiva Checkout Profile?

Combining purchases on one invoice

thedesignerdad ·
I have disabled Auctiva's checkout and still can not combine items onto one invoice. Is there anyone out there who can do it? I told Ebay I disabled checkout with Auctiva so it has to be an Ebay issue but they still say it is not them (Ebay). If you do combine items on one invoice let me know how?

combining shipping

emeraldgoddess ·
Hope someone can help me figure out why my shipping won't properly combine. I have combined shipping set in ebay, set to combine weights, have use eBay prefs in the listings but multiple items keep combining and only charging shipping for one item. I have email CS for 5th time w/ no response. Ebay CS was no help since listings are thru Auctiva ..EB says Auctiva problem....meanwhile I am eating the excess shipping on the once that pay instantly. and, yes, I am new, but I need help, please?

Combining two Auctiva / eBay accounts into one?

stuff-you-need ·
With the new eBay fee changes, it's makes more sense for me to list under one eBay id (one stores fee) rather than multiple. Is it possible for me to export listing created under one Auctiva id and import them into my second Auctiva account?

Come and see our Yard Fard Items.

smac2us ·
I've met a group on the Auction Listing Discussion threads. It's call The Yard Fard Thread and we have contests every month. Today we just started one and everything starts at $4.44. Check us out. Just type in YFD in the search. SEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAA


mattb ·
Let me get this straight. Nearly EVERY Auctiva auction is missing photos...which could be millions of photos...and NO ONE from Auctiva has hopped on this Forum in nearly a day to let us know what's going on?? NO message on the Home Page?? I understand problems's the whole lack of communication that's the most irritating!! I've got auctions for the UK ending in 4 hours!!! I am sooooooooooooooo screwed!!!!

Come on..Saturdays now??

kashka ·
After being frustrated for weeks listing on a Sunday..I thought I would take a week clever and list on Saturday.Nope."Server Application Unavailable".My Gawd..will Auctiva ever work on a weekend??..I know..I know.."list on a weekday"..but I have a job..and after 12 hours a day I don't have the time or the energy.Could someone "up there" please inform us is this the norm or will things ever change? Cause I'll find something else..spend the extra time..if I know it will work.Any ...

Come take a peek at some great Juicy Couture,Prada and much more

gitasan ·
Many new items listed while everyone was complaining about the fee increases/feedback changes. I plan on getting as much listed b4 the changes see what I can move! Thanks to Auctiva I have at least 20 items scheduled! so come take a peek!

coming over from E Bay

dave007 ·
Hi there I am thinking joining auctiva. I understand that once signed up it will sweep all my listings over, but what I ned to know is - can I then make all my boring listings from E Bay format into nice ones using Auctiva tools or do I have to wait for them to finish before relisting using new templates? Thanks for any answers in advance
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Guest ·
Welcome to the Auctiva Education forum. We've added an Education tab on our site, which hosts how-to articles covering best-practice techniques for using eBay and other online auction and e-commerce platforms; exclusive "from the trenches" editorials by renowned eBay experts; and analysis of e-commerce news, trends and events. Use this forum to send Auctiva editors topics you’d like to see us cover, and suggestions to improve the Education tab or our Online Seller newsletter.
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Guest ·
Welcome to the Auctiva Education forum. In the next few weeks we'll be adding an Education tab on our site, which will host how-to articles covering best-practice techniques for using eBay and other online auction and e-commerce platforms; exclusive "from the trenches" editorials by renowned eBay experts; and analysis of e-commerce news, trends and events. Use this forum to discuss individual articles, of which each will have its own thread for comments.


an-altered-artist ·
Hello! I'm a new user and while I'm completely impressed with your offered services, I'm a bit disappointed with your communication to the community. When Auctiva first learns there are problems/issues with the functionality of their site, servers, etc. (and resolution will take some time), they should communicate these problems/issues to their fellow members. This would lessen the amount of not just frustration, but postings in the forum. Knowledge is power and communication is vital for...

Community Form Out this a.m.

lookandbuyme ·
Hi- quick question, did anyone else notice that the community forums were out this morning for a few hours? Tried several browsers, and have a friend in another state try and she had same experience. I did look on Auctiva facebook to see if announcement there, but could not find one. This may not be where this should be posted but was best I could locate.

Community:Two newbie questions!

n ·
1. Can you only be logged onto Auctiva Community with one browser at a time? I ask because I like to have one open for working with images, and drag and drop likes/uses IE, but I like to read here and do other stuff with FF. 2. IF the answer to #1 is you can be logged onto the Community with two browswers at one time, what would prevent me from logging in here using FF? TIA

Compatibility issues uploading with Firefox?

the-barking-cat ·
I have been having issues uploading images using the Auctiva Uploader on Firefox (latest 3.5.2). When I open the uploader page, it doesn't finish loading all the way (yet the page is finished loading) and I can't add images. When I switch over to Safari, I am able to upload without any issues. Is anyone else having issues uploading with Firefox? I'm wondering if it's an incompatibility between Firefox and/or Auctiva and Java. Any suggestions would be totally helpful. Safari isn't my browser...

Complaint Auctiva fails to warn us of known errors

bev5 ·
I submitted a warning the other day about how if you try to delete a subtitle when relisting (even when you preview it shows subtitle has been removed) that Auctiva fails to delete subtitle during relist & you are charged eBay fee. I just heard from support & found out this was a known problem. I'm just venting & wondering how many others have received support responses saying something to the effect "we are aware of this problem & working to fix." This is really upsetting.

COMPLETE Business Invertory for Sale!

sgidirect ·
NO REASONABLE OFFERS REFUSED!! We are selling off our LEM (Fluke) inventory to make room for even more inventory! MFG List price over 1/2 MILLION DOLLARS! For Sale for ONLY $159,000 obo. We have been selling these items on and off of ebay for only 2 months and already made $80,000 selling at a 20%-40%% mark down. Even if you purchased all of our inventory and sold at 50% less than MFG list you could make $250,000 in a matter of months. That is a $90,000+ profit in a short turn around time!

completed listings do not show up

reealatee ·

Completed Listings Missing

tribeandnation ·
Anyone know where all my closed listings would have gone? I sold quite a bit on eBay via my Auctiva account (Under: ClothedinGlory) and my Completed Listings folder is empty. As are most of my saved listings. I emailed tech support but thought someone on this forum might know. I certainly hope they don't delete them. Plus, I had listings I had written but not yet posted...can't find them either. Weird.

Complying With eBay's Duplicate Listing Policy

auctivatonym ·
Have you updated your listings in accordance with eBay's new Duplicate Listing policy? Although this policy took effect two months ago, it seems that many eBay sellers have yet to comply, whether due to lack of information, or lack of tools (or where to find them) to help get the job done. Among those not yet in compliance, eBay is telling us, there unfortunately remain a few Auctiva Sellers. Regardless of what any of us think of eBay's Duplicate Listing policy, the reality is that it does...

Condition of Product Selection Tab

jannz ·
I would like to know if there is a setting on Auctiva that we can select for the condition of the product we are selling? ie is it NEW or USED. If there is then instruction on how to select this on my saved listing profiles. Many thanks and love using Auctiva. Kind Regards Jannz

"conditions" tag now disabled as a variant?

jayboid ·
I've been using variations now since our friends at eBay have changed the playing field yet again, and my friends here at Auctiva have provided me with ammunition.... Over the past few weeks, I've been using the variant "condition" to list my clothing (some NWT, some NWOT.) Now, on the last 2 listings, both failed due to an API error stating: "The tags Condition is/are disabled as Variant." There are times when I have multiple sizes/colors/conditions and it's been very useful. Can anybody...


patrick ·
Bonjour, je suis inscrit sur ebay Belgique et je n'arrive pas à configurer auctiva pour avoir le diaporama de mes ventes, je n'arrives aps à récupérer mes objets déjà en vente sur ebay. Comment puis-je faire?

Conflicts between eBay Custom Item Specifics and Variations

jayboid ·
Hey fellow Auctiva users - has anyone seen this or does anyone have a fix for this? I've been creating listings using variations for multiple sizes of the same product for quite a while now with no problems; but not today. I'm trying to list a new blouse. I created my variations as I normally do (in this case 1X, 2X and 3X) I then went into the "Custom item specifics" and identified "Size Type" (Plus), sleeve, color etc. Now, because I've identified my sizes in the variations, I normally...

Confuse about Auctiva Insurance

pongyanin ·
I want to use Auctiva Insurance, but I confuse about it. I'm eBay seller in Thailand. If I sell itme value $500, and sent this item by register airmail by Thailand Post. If I offer your insurance option to customer and his accepted his will add pay $ 6.5 for me, Right? And will I pay Auctiva $5 ? If during transfer the item lost. How much I claim for this case? Or you insurance only domestic. Please easy explain to me (I'm not good at English.) Best regards. Pongyanin


jduff ·
My Auctiva Insurance was disabled b/c I am over $5...BUT I never knew i had insurance. Have I been paying for insurance this whole time or have i been buying it twice from auctiva and the USPS? Ugh. I dont get it. Can someone explain it to me b/c I read the details on the rates and details page and STILL am lost.


lemgirl ·
Hello, I'm so confused. I found out about Auctiva through searching on on ebay and saw the Auctiva store on someone's listing and I thought that was a great idea. Can I get a Auctiva store on my ebay listings??? I have signed up and don't really understand how to do this, can someone help me please??? Theresa

confused about Auctiva pro (classic)

gamesbuyer ·
sorry if my newness shows but i am confused about the auctiva classic product. Most internet provuders of free basic software use it to attract potential customers for chargeable product. there is not a single mention of any upselling on this website, do many people use Auctiva classic? and can it be used properly on UK ebay ?

confused about eBay store vs Auctiva store

vintagestylin ·
Do the eBay Store and the Auctiva store co-exist? If so does that mean only stuff I list on QAuctiva will show up in my Auctiva store and stuff I list on eBay will only show up in my eBay store?

confused about edit/revise listings please HELP?

dogstar932 ·
OK. I'm new and I do not 'get' everything about how this is supposed to work as eBay is the only listing tool that I've ever used. Now I need to know 2 things one- When I have an imported item that was listed on eBay and then brought over here, can I edit it and add all the cool auctive stuff I signed up for? I tried that and it just flashed me back to the past and there I was in the old eBay revise form. two When I have and auctiva created listing can I edit it and add or change the auctiva...

Confused About Image Borders Issue

mitchell ·
I'm posting tonight (slowly as usual) and noticed the images are posting without borders. In my account preferences I have "Image Borders" enabled under "Image Management". When I spot checked a few other listing it seems all the borders are gone. From another discussion in this forum it seems that an Auctiva representative mentioned that the border would only be removed from header images, which is not the case with my listings, and that it wouldn't be implemented until later in the year.
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