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HORRIBLE SELLER Disgrace to Ebay!

tazfrompa ·
Get this! I win this item from this seller edson_bethancourt 14K Mens Gold Ring with 10 1/2 carrot Diamonds Carrot is this fools spelling of carat He emails me a invoice saying " I am Reselling this. Sorry" Sure enough I go to his items for sale and big as day there it is 14K Mens Gold Ring with 10 1/2 carrot Diamonds I won the item for 148.50 and he now has a starting price of 300 with a BIN of 500! I email the Pea-Brain and of course no response so I request his contact info. Evidently he...

How are your sales?

flogfrog ·
Hi all, I was curious if everyone has seen a bit of a slowdown with their sales lately? Actually, mine have been trending downward since April. They always slow down, but usually not this much! I've had to resort to selling a lot of my goods auction-style just to get some $$ for them. Fixed price just seem to sit there, and sit there, and sit there. Thanks in advance!

How can I edit TITLE of active auction?

bobwho7 ·
I need to change the wording in the TITLE of 23 active auctions (Fixed Price - GTC). I changed the wording thru Auctiva, but it won't go into effect until I relist the auctions. I need to change the wording on the Active listings in eBay, but it won't let me make the changes to the Title - is there a way to do? TIA for your help...

How can I get the shipping to work when I live in Canada?

2vintagevillage ·
I am new to Auctiva and I just cant seem to get my info into the shipping section to work for me. I alway list a shipping price in my discription. I really can get it to work because I dont have a zip code to put in. I would love a little advice on how to get this working for me here in Canada.

How do I change fixed price posted listing from 7 days to "Good till cancelled"

bumpersplus ·
As subject line really. I screwed up & set the wrong duration on a listing I just posted to ebay. How do I correct my mistake & change duration to GTC? Thanks bumpersplus (UK)

How do I combine Shipping Price!!!!

tty2k7winkelstorecom ·
I want to combine shipping on one Item. I have a small item, that people would generally buy more then one, So I want to allow them the ability to buy multiples, but pay one shipping price

How do I do "Buy It Now" with "Or Best Offer" ? Thank you!

dixter109 ·
I found Auctiva only shows "start price", "buy it now price", and "reserve price"... how do i do "or best offer? " thank you!

How do you list a Fixed Price listing on eBay.

forwis ·
I just tried to list a fixed price listing on eBay using the Buy It Now price. I realized that Auctiva was treating it as an Auction WITH BIN, rather than a straight Fixed Price/BIN listing. I ended up listing it through eBay. What did I miss?

How does Auctivia Checkout Work? What should my setings be?

taulukos ·
Hi, I have posted a few auctions through Auctiva and thought that I had everything setup so that buyers go to the Auctiva checkout but I am not certain that they are actually going to it and not going to eBay's regular checkout. Is there a way I can confirm this? The instructions say to make sure one's eBay preferences are set correctly but there aren't specifics (that I have found) that say exactly what the settings should be. I have the checked the eBay preference boxes for: Use Checkout...

How does the new Google Product Listing Ads affects your business?

joylandgiftstore ·
Have you heard? Google is trying to run small business out of business. Read the article below: or Click Here Truly great search is all about turning intentions into actions, lightning fast. In the early days of Google, users would type in a query, we’d return ten blue links, and they’d move on happy. Today people want more. When searching for great local restaurants, people want places to eat right there on the results page, not another click or two away. It’s the same with hotels, flight...

How template works ?

sroulik ·
Hello, I am about to start selling on and I have more than 5000 items to list. I have 2 questions regarding auctiva : - can I import a csv file with all the data, title, price, picture url, description etc... - how template is working. is the about shipping and payment can be static and the description can be had by auctiva in the template dinamicaly ? Sorry for my bad english

How to change info in already listed auctions ? Please help!!

preciousjewelry ·
How do you change your listing when you already used a template. I have 80+ store inventory and fixed price listing but noticed in my description templates the shipping for international was wrong. how do I go into already listed stuff to change the shipping after I already used the wrong template? Thank so much!

how do I find the category for ebay motors???????

suzyq38381 ·
I have a big block motor listed and I cant find the right category to put it in ,auctiva has absolutely no category for this type of listing?????

How do I get Auctiva to realize I'm in Canada?

l7ess ·
I change the item location at the bottom of the listing to Ontario, Canada but it keeps showing Canada as international shipping with the higher shipping price. I have to change each listing in Ebay to the correct price. Anybody know any quick fix for this? Thanks in advance!

How do I list a quantity of ten items?

hometheaterguy ·
I have ten identical DVDs (actually, for anyone who is interested, they are Avatar 3D Blu-rays) that I want to sell one at a time via one fixed price listing. In other words, each fixed price sale will be for just one of the 10 discs, but I want the listing to stay active until all ten discs are gone -- via either a 30-day listing or Good 'Til Cancel (which is best??). That way, I won't have to keep relisting each time I sell one of the discs. That should save time and also reduce my...

How do I post an auction on Ebay so it's a buy it now but also a 'best offer'?

aswantz ·
Please walk me through how to achieve this, in the simplest of terms.. I'm not puter savvy... I also need to know how to create (on the same listing) a percentage off discount... I see people on Ebay doing all of this on one listing.. All of this meaning: an auction that is a 'buy it now', 'best offer' and has a 'percentage off' (meaning that they say on their listing that they are offering 25% off of the usual price. It also shows what their original listing price generally is for the...

How do I re-list from Auction format to Store format???

autopaper ·
Good Morning! I've searched for someone posting a similar question/problem but didn't see any...I apologize if I'm duplicating a question that's been answered previously. Is it possible within Auctiva to easily RELIST my unsold eBay auction item/items to my eBay Store??? In other words, I want to change the selling format from Store to Auction, the Starting Price to a Buy it Now Price & of course add my Store Category, change term from 7 days to 30 days & so on. I've tried going to...

How to create a copy of a specific listing?

happybug ·
How to create a copy of a specific listing? i would like to copy a listing identially. one is for auction style and the other is for fixed price listing. this would be easier for me to handle than using the find and replace fuction each time. is there any button i could click for duplicating a existing listing? and the remaining step is to use the find and replace function to change the auction type to fixed price listing. thank you.

How to do a Buy It Now

glfrgrl321 ·
Hi, I had a bidder write me for an item I'm selling, and I had already told her I had more of them. I've searched ebay's site but I know I can get an answer a lot quicker here. I have the item up for bid now, there are no bids on it. How do I put an item up for a Buy It Now. When I tried to do it on ebay, it kept asking me to put a starting bid in, then the Buy It Now price. I want to put ust "Buy It Now" with the amount I have to sell. The buyer has already purchased one from me and LOVES...

How to edit before relisting.

bhelton ·
I want to relist some of my items. I know you go to closed auctions to do this, but is there a way to edit the listing before clicking "relist?" I want to lower the price, etc. before relisting. Thanks everyone.

How to edit before relisting?

wesm ·
Hi. Using Auctiva is there a way to edit more than just price and a few other key details before relisting a similar item or can that only be done on ebay? Also, I notice it allows you to create a new listing using the info from a saved listing but the only one to choose from is not the one I want to use. Is there a way to import ended auctions into the saved section or how can I accomplish this?

How to handle eBay multi-accounts?

ima ·
Hi, I am new here. Just escaped from inkfrog, not because of their fucntions but their ethic! Forcing users to use incompleted inkfrog V2! If you want to stay with the good old V1, than you have to pay 3 times more! The so called price-locked announcement is just a bull****! What a shame! BTW, I have 4 eBay accounts and how to create multi-accounts with Auctiva?

How to list as BuyItNow only? Error, no starting price?

cellcounter ·
How do I list an auction as BuyItNow only? Error Check keeps asking for a starting price. I filled in the BuyItNow. Any clues?

How to List Starting Price with Auctiva & Ebay Store

humorme ·
I have an ebay store where I list each item with an auction price and a BIN price. However, when I use the Auctiva listing page, if I click Store Item at the top of the page, Auctiva grays out the Starting Price and only allows me to list my item as BIN. How do I fix this? Thanks.

How to manage same item in different profiles

joyezcom ·
Hi, I have a question about inventory function, how to manage a item in different profiles. For example, when I sell item A, I want to sell it in one fixed price and one auction, also I want to put different title when I do listing. But inventory item only can have one master profile. How can I do this? Thanks.

Help. My own HTML mated with auctiva's scrolling gallery, how do I fix it?

papersmygame ·
Hello, I have been using my own html for years on turbolister. I am a somewhat recent convert to autiva and I used my own html as a template just fine last week. This week I just started 62 auctions and discovered my little sound that I like to use when a person clicks on my auction has mated with auctiva and my sound is playing over and over-very irritating to my buyers I am sure. How do I fix this? Here is the html the way it is now that auctiva mated with it. <embed...

Help needed - can not list fixed price items/not qualified??

nessie ·
I have tried to list my first item on my new Ebay business account through a new Auctiva account and an error message keeps appearing which says; "You are not qualified to list a store fixed price item or store fixed price feature, it is not avaliable for international listing site." I only want to list in the UK. Any advice will be gratefully received as my account is stuck in limbo...

Help, pls. FIXED AUCTION vs E STORE - advantage & disadvantage????

bobwho7 ·
What are the advantages and disadvantages between Fixed Price auctions and an eBay Store? I have an eBay Store, but don’t have a great deal of items in there due to lack of hours in the day, plus it doesn’t appear very many people visit the store anyway. At this time of the year, I list Family 1st Christmas Ornaments – I usually list one of each type of ornament in a 7-day/BIN auction and direct buyers to the E Store where the ornaments are listed in quantity. Just wondering... should I list...

Help trying to list!

comicstock ·
Trying to post items to eBay, I get this message for my listings: <<eBay listing failed to pass validation for the following reason: Invalid pricing for flat rate shipping options. To have "Check item description..." displayed without specifying a price, select Flat Rate Shipping and don't specify any shipping service options or ship-to-locations. >> I am baffled!

HELP!! International shipping calculator PROBLEMS!!!

allintown ·
On all my ebay Fixed Price and Store listings, calculated intenational shipping no longer appears. My buyers instead see an error message. These are not new formatted listings; they are the same ones we've been using all along. As an experiment, listed an item straight through ebay, and the calculated international shipping costs show up no problem. Seems auctiva-based. Also, shipping preferences on all my Auctiva based saved listings are missing, as if they were never saved. Any comments on...

Help! Listing descriptions are missing/blank

gracie ·
On all of the saved and closed listings, the description box is blank and all the information is missing. Where did they go? All the other information, including price, pictures etc are there, but not the description. I tried clearing my cache and still nothing. Any way to get them back?

A Store Question for the experts

smashnfashion ·
Hey all, Just curious about something. I am thinking of closing my ebay store altogether, and listing everything fixed price. Maybe open an ecrater site and use my listings to 'point' to that store. Has anyone had a problem doing something like this in the past? I mean, will eBay kick my listings off because of this?

Abandoned Shopping Carts

kmay3217 ·
I recently opened an off ebay site. After 2 weeks I haven't made a single sale but I have had ~15 shoping carts abandoned over the same period. Same merchadise, same price, same terms as on ebay where I average 5-7 sales per day. Do I have a check out problem?

"Accept Offers" Option Missing

tomas ·
Today, there is no "accept offers" option box when I try and produce a fixed price auction. Worked yesterday. I was using Google Chrome. Switched to IE7 and the "accept offers" box is there but not the other 2 boxes, (auto decline and accept). Anyone else?


oldbaldrick ·
I'm not sure this is quite the right place for this, but I see no specific AliExpress section. I've just signed-up to AliExpress (so I expect to get bombarded with spam) and I can't believe the prices they're asking! Looking in the cycling section, I can buy a chinese replica Brooks B17 'leather' saddle. Here in the UK, Brooks are regarded as pretty much the ultimate saddle and will cost about £70 to £80. I can buy 1 of the chinese replica Brooks for a massive $105.26 each! If I wanted it...

Alternative Insurance

gussnm ·
Please forgive me if this is a breach of forum etiquette, as it may be on some boards, to cross-post. But, I have decided to go ahead and put up my last one from checkout, as I need an answer because I need to start listing today and I think I may have started in the wrong place and may have better luck here. Thank you for your support. ------------------------------------- I have tried to look through other posts regarding insurance, (& there are several), but I do not see this. I see...

Amount of Insertion Fee ?

preciousjewelry ·
I have been with Auctiva for a month or so and I always list my products through auctiva. Can someone explain why I am paying $1.60 to list a buy it now auction for 10 day listing and quantity of 20 for my product? I am just trying to figure out the price of each to see how it came up with 1.60. The $1.20 insertion fee is what I need explained. Thanks Here is what my sellers info says. Insertion Fee $1.20 10 day duration fee Special Duration Fee $0.40

2 listing questions

bbxrider ·
1. is it possible to get the scrolling gallery inserted into the description area of a listing and then further force it to scroll only certain ads? i know its not a auctiva feature, i'm asking if i take the scrolling html and code it into the description if it will actually work there like it does on the store page 2. is there some way to get saved shipping, payment, etc profiles to display some specific text for those items. for example i will be listing some items where the price includes...

2 questions: 1] firefox 2 crash 2] advise on opening an ebay store and liking my auct

magicalmemoirs ·
Hi. About a year ago I had an account take over. I started new with a new ID and added auctiva as a bonus. I used firefox until it comes up as errors so I switched to Internet Explorer 7. I am taking a beating in sales especially now with the increased shipping rates and our "WONDERFUL" new fb star system. I am losing on international shipping since it almost doubled in price and buyers have the balls to mark my shipping as high. If they could read, they would see I pay more than I charge. I...

2 Questions, please--fees and saved listings?

hundredaire00 ·
I was a user last summer and went elsewhere while things were being sorted out. I am looking around again because the listing program I was using is missing a couple features I'd like, so I've been gone while everything was getting settled here. My questions: 1. Was the issue of final fees added, or is the price quoted (like the 9.95 unlimited) the total cost? Just don't like surprises 2. How long are listings saved? If I recall, my listings were saved indefinitely til I deleted them when I...

20 cent ebay fee day go to relist full price shows up on auctiva

tomscarpt ·
How does this work if you list using ebay format the cost is 20 cents .If i relist or make a new auction using auctiva it comes up full price.All my auctions are going to be over 1 k in price and that really makes a big difference in listing fees.


magienoire ·
One day only - October 25th. Auction & fixed price. All insertion fees will be .20. Get busy listing!

3 days and still store window does not update my price changes

hippophile1 ·
Hi, I thought the updates were every 6 hours but 3 days have past since lowering the price of an item - as well as raising the price of some others yet the original prices are still in the windows. How come??

30 day BIN vs Auction?

ladyofleather ·
Need some feedback on how successful BIN and 30 day BIN items are doing. I have used a mix of both listing types and my auctions are doing better than the BIN. I do believe that 'old school' eBay buyers still use the Ending soonest format and are also looking for the smaller price with the higher shipping amount as apposed too the higher listing price and the smaller shipping price. I went all out with free shipping and still find that most buyers are still going for the bid items. Do I have...

30 Day Fixed-Price in Ebay Motors. What a joke!

possumbilities ·
There is no excusable reason for ignoring this problem. Free or not, you are now costing me a LOT of time and money. I guess you are not interested in keeping your customers. What a shame. I had this site pegged as one that actually gave a carp.

30 day versus good 'til canceled in store listings

annkate ·
I often use my most recent listings as templates. And whenever I switch from auction or fixed price to a store listing, it automatically comes up as 30 day. And of course, I forget to change it and it's posted on Ebay this way. My own preference--and I'm not sure, but I think Ebay does it this way--have the selection good 'til canceled be the automatic selection. I just hate having listings end in my store--before they have sold. And, of course, this is a suggestion. I love Auctiva, no...

35% Discount through July

kylor12 ·
Save 35% at My Little Family Store from now through the end of July with the coupon code below. No minimum order. Find a wide selection of gifts, collectibles and specialty items sure to please. On the checkout page, enter the coupon code auctiva in all lower case letters and 35% will be taken off the price of merchandise. After making payment, make sure that you click the 'return to seller' button so the discount is recorded. My Little Family Store Coupon code: auctiva Expires July 31, 2008

5¢ Fixed listing fee format

al ·
Are you guys going to be able to use this feature when listing with you instead on ebay 5¢ special for the holidays Also starting September 16, and through the end of the year, if you list with pre-filled item information, Fixed Price Insertion Fees for Books, Music, DVDs & Movies, and Video Games are just 5¢.

50 cent starting price, foolish or worth the risk?

wesm ·
I have listed my last 4 or 5 auctions with a 50 cent starting bid and though one of them did sell for what I expected, the others didn't fair so well. I know ebay sellers have seen a drop in sales due to their changes and the best match feature among other things probably is contributing too. I wanted to start low to attract bidders and the items I've listed seem to be wanted going by present and closed auctions. I feel I did a good job of listing them with great pictures and descriptions...

50% Off Fixed Price Listing Day Tomorrow November 22nd

suthrnjewl ·
From the Announcement Boards: November 21, 2005 | 05:01PM PST/PT As a special offer to our sellers, we are pleased to announce a one-day promotion for where the insertion fees for Fixed Price listings will be 50% Off! The promotion starts on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 00:00:01 PT (12:00 AM plus one second) and ends that same day, Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 23:59:59 PT (11:59 PM plus 59 seconds). Listings which were created prior to November 22, 2005 and scheduled to...
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