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Huge Problem with Relisting

itsjustme ·
I am relisting items changing from auction to fixed price. All the revisions from auction to fixed price are in the scheduled listings back as auctions. I just caught it on my third batch of 50. I redid this batch three times and couldn't believe my eyes. I went to the scheduled listings and all the changes I made are null.

I Did It eBay

justbon1 ·
And now, the end is near; And so I face my final auction. My friend, I'll say it clear, I've sold my last; it's done without a caution. Ive packed a box that's full. Ive traveled each and ev'ry highway; And more, much more than this, I'm done with eBay. Regrets, do they have a few? If so, then too too few to mention. They always do what they have to do And see it through without distinction. They planned each careful hike; E'vry way to cause me dismay, But more, much more than this, I'm done...


okiesdeals ·
Please tell me What this means ?? Duplicate Variation Specifics trait value in the Variation Specifics Set container. I know it has something to do with the items listed in my drop down box but not sure what to do. In the listing I give the customer the choice of twin or xl twin size bed in a bag, and their choice of the color they want for the same price. Please help if you can

I haven't got a store button

aarbeecute ·
Hi, I have recently reactivated my ebay store and I wanted to upload some items into it. I can not find the button to do this. I only have 2 choices; auction and fixed price with the longest time frame of 10 days. Anyway I would like to put them straight into the shop. How do I do this, anyone help please.

I'm a newbie with a few major problems :)

brodiegirl ·
Someone please tell me how I can fix this: I set my auctions up thru Auctiva (actually fixed price, not an auction style) and everything looked perfect when i reviewed each listing. NOW when i go to my listings on ebay I am missing pictures here and there. I also added the Sellathon Counter to each listing but when i look at them on ebay it's gone. What is up with this??? How can i fix them? Thanks in advance for any help on this! Jess

I'm being sued for wrong delivery Your opinion

wonderboy2004 ·
What does the Community think..I am a casual Canadian seller on Ebay - I sent the wrong item to a USA bidder and apologized for the error. I then immediately refunded all of his $21us incurred for the item the same day I recieved the Internal Ebay email. I had asked him if he could re-send the item to rightful person and that I would pay for the shipping and other cost incurred. He responded very negatively to this and told me "Why would you think I have the time to drive to a post office,...

I'm Guessing...

magienoire ·
...we will receive a listing special this coming week. Maybe a .10 fixed price. So, get ready.

Insurance ?

antiques-4-you ·
Hello & hoping someone can answer me this question Can I buy Insurance on a USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box International through Auctiva. Will they cover this small box? This is the only Box going International that USPS will not cover with Insurance!!! I refuse to ship anything International 1st Class any more with NO Insurance, nor some form of Tracking. Meaning I have to go up to Regular Priority Int. which in turn bumps the shipping price way up!. If Auctiva offers this then my...

Insurance Bug - Please fix

apsolutions ·
For those of us that do not buy insurance through Auctiva, there needs to be a way in the templates to select "Optional" or "Required" without having to fill in a price. It is impossible to fill in a price until the auction ends. Not being able to say if insurance is required or optional causes a ton of confusion for my buyers. This has always been an "auctiva" bug and I just lived with it because the service was free. Now that I will have to be paying for services - this really needs to be...

Insurance confusion

phantombreeze ·
Okay, since this new ebay policy took place (I haven't sold anything since they first brought it into place)... I come to Auctiva and it wouldn't let me post it to ebay because of the ebay policy. I never used Auctiva's insurance before is this the best bet? I tried working it out, but I am just confused...before then I was just going to include the price of insurance in the shipping price and purchase insurance through Paypal. But then am I supposed to say "do not purchase insurance" from...

Insurance Cost in Listing - Where did that price come from?

mommyccm ·
My insurance is listed on my listings as optional (which is correct), but the cost is listed as $1.70. I don't recall inputting the $1.70 price anywhere. Can someone help and tell me where the amount of $1.70 is at so I can adjust insurance prices? Thanks! Example:

Insurance Fees

michaelrecycle ·
When I set my insurance settings to required, Listing states included. Then the invoice adds the Insurance price to shipping blatantly. Very misleading to the point I will not offer it any more. My business depends on feedback, if I am misleading customers I will get reamed. Now I have to write to all my customers, revise all invoices for a couple weeks. Thanks Alot Auctiva scam

Insurance is not being calculated automatically in my auctions...

cjackc ·
Does anyone remember if insurance was automatically calculated for you when listing on eBay, regardless of flat or calculated shipping charges? I thought I remember the site doing that before and I know that I set up the insurance charges for different price value ranges. I asked eBay and they told me that it only does it when you use the shipping calculator for determining S&H and not with flat rate charges. It used to work for me on my listings with flat rate shipping, but they said...

Insurance: Lost Items & 3rd Party (drop) Shippers, and how much is actually insured

stevesstash ·
Hi - Yet more questions about the shipping insurance Auctiva offers: 1) From what I remember of looking over the claim form (unfortunately I'm forgetting how to download it again right at the moment), it seems to pretty much only be concerned with damages - will it also cover if the item just plain doesn't show up at it's destination? If so, how long past the shipping date is it considered "lost"? 2) Will the insurance cover items that are technically shipped by somebody else, such as...

Insurance notification Suggestion

dwangel ·
Hello Auctiva, I have a suggestion on the Insurance Email message to customers. I think you should just omit the insurance fee amount paid in the message. All the message needs to say is that "An Insurance has been purchased for $xxxx (however much the auction closing price is)" I think this is a good idea for two reasons 1) We don't really pay the amount customers pay for insurance, so there is no need to create an imopression that we are giving false information. 2) Auctiva's insurance is...

International Site Visibility

unique ·
Hi I list on but would like increased visibility in USA. I understand I can select 'International site visibility' option and pay an additional fee. Can any one tell me how I do this via auctiva listing? Where does it appear on the form? How much does it cost. I sell low value media items. Starting price 99p. Many thanks unique1929

"Invalid Unit Price" Error Message

roxydox ·
I have the same issue as 'Taulukos' posted on August 07, 2008. Has anyone found a solution to this problem that you can share? Thanks!

"Invalid Unit Price" Error Message

taulukos ·
When I am trying to save my inventory item I get an "Invalid Unit Price" error message. My unit price is $84.00. I have tried entering 84.00, 84, $84.00 and even just 8.00 or 8, but nothing works. No matter what I enter I get this error message. I am using Firefox 3.0.1 to enter the data. I have also tried entering the data using Internet Explorer as well and get the same error message. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? Thanks,

Inventory auto relist

jds ·
Hi, I'm wondering if Auctiva Mike can help me with this. I have written to support twice and even paid to speak with someone and though I believe they are trying to be helpful, I am getting conflicting information. I would like to give an example to try and get this auto relist profile set up correctly the first time. I need to add this to quite a few listings on eBay and cannot afford for it to be incorrect. I DO NOT do auctions. All my listings are fixed price and Good Till Canceled (GTC)...

importing listings

queenofbeads ·
Hi I joined yesterday, hoped that by now my listings would have been imported but nothing. I have just over 700 current listings on ebay UK, both fixed price and store - how long will it take to import them? Do I have to do anything else? Also I thought the gallery would have shown up on my listings by now but nothing... Cheers Bea

Importing text files

nosnam ·
Is there any way to take a text file, with item details (price, quantity, details, etc.) and import it directly into an item detail profile?

impossible to move items from fixed to auction in bulk as there is no 'move price to

yellowfeather ·
start'..this has been going on for quite a while..and on days like today..when ebay offers a is impossible to go thru each listing and change..gheezh..i already complained about this several weeks ago and they said they were working on it..ok, i lost out on that, again today..this is not the auctiva feedback feature has not been working for more than a year..still working on it..i just dont understand how 2 features that worked great before cannot be...

Incorrect "Current Price"

aldrich ·
Why does the current price say .99 when its at $12? Does it have to process?

Incorrect eBay fee estimate

knifeseller ·
For my fixed price listings, "estimate eBay fees" shows 3 cents however I don't qualify as I don't have a store. When I check account activity in my eBay account it shows .50 per. Why can't Auctiva display the correct fee for my fixed price listing?

Incorrect Title and Price When Relisting

itsjustme ·
Third time this has happened (and the cache has been cleared) 1. Closed Listings 2. Bulk select the listings to relist 3. Click Edit and all the wrong titles, prices and categories show up for the picture and original title.

Insertion Fees Vary -- Why?

aerobuff ·
I am trying to list a store item, and I noticed the insertion fee varies, depending on quantity I list. The item's price is $16.99. If I list the store item BIN quantity as 1, Auctiva's estimator says the insertion fee is 3 cents. If I list 2-11 items available, the insertion fee is 5 cents. If I list 12-10,000 items available, the insertion fee is 10 cents. Please correct me if I am misunderstanding: but I thought the insertion fee was a flat 3 cents (since the item is less than $24.99),...

Image Hosting - Standard Plan $9.95???

evfla ·
I thought I saw that with the $9.95 plan, after 2.5 MB of images, we don't pay any more hosting fees & just pay the $9.95 flat rate price & nothing else more?? Please someone clarify this for me. Thank you in advance!

Invoices and Shipping Costs

krazzekatt ·
Is there a way on Auctiva to set up shipping costs on the invoice to be full price for first auction and a set amount for other auctions won by the same buyer? Like 4.00 for first and 2.00 for each additional? I can't find it and I believe you can make this type of selection if you sell directly through Ebay. Thanks for the help!

Is anyone else noticing auto-reposts, when there shouldn't be?

philthycollins ·
Starting yesterday, I noticed that Auctiva is auto reposting items, after they are sold. I have an item, with quantity 1. If I don't sell it, then I want Auctiva to repost it, and lower the starting price by 10%. Well, someone grabbed it at the Buy It Now price. Auctiva auto-reposted it ANYWAY !! This started yesterday, and I'm seeing it again today.

Is Auctiva down?

cozmicfusion ·
I have been unable to access the site for about 9 hours. I realise it was maintenance night, but usually you get the maintenance message, not "page cannot be displayed.". We list on, but are in India so juggling times is critical. I prepared ads last night and intended to post before the maintenance period, but have been unable to get in. I'm assuming the maintenance is now finished. I need to know if there is a problem, as I will then have to do some Store relists direct through...

Is "Buy It Now" Free Using Auctiva?

rickyd1967 ·
I tested using the "Buy It Now" option for my listing, then I checked the "eBay Fees" and it's the same price as a regular auction. But there's a green dollar symbol next to the "Buy It Now" field, so is the amount not added until the item is sold?

Is Ebay now completely Socialist?

barparts ·
Here is the Auctionbytes article: eBay is introducing a host of changes it hopes will improve the site in time for the holiday shopping season. Most significantly, eBay will change its Buy It Now (BIN) fixed-price format, making it more like eBay Store-inventory, but with exposure in the main core search results. It will also make changes to Finding (search), Shipping and Seller Standards. And in a move that was expected by many, it will change to an electronic checkout system,...

I WASTED MY Insurance Payment!!!!

ehiggins ·
I sold a $100 Mont Blanc pen to a Professional scammer in HONG KONG. I purchased INSURANCE for the transaction from Auctiva. After 8 days, he contacted Paypal, claiming he did not get his pen. I explained he would be reimbursed by Auctiva insurance AFTER 45 DAY transpired. Paypal IMMEDIATELY REFUNDED his full purchase price, plus the shipping I PAID FOR. Despite numerous emails literally begging for patience, understanding etc., I never heard from him again. Why SHOULD he BOTHER filling out...

i need help dropshipping to find the lowest price

juana ·
i really dont understand and i want to open a store soon, with activa how do they get paid? with activa do i need to get a seller account on ebay or how does that work?

Auctiva, Make Us Happy!

Guest ·
I have a suggestion: How about a little "perk" for your loyal customers? I, like so many others, have been a faithful follower of Auctiva for over a year now and just went in to check on my renewal (which is up next month.) I noticed that there was a "special" of $119--but only through December 31st--and now the renewal price is $144! It has really gone up a lot since I first joined! How about bringing back that "special" of $119 for a little while longer -- it would be a nice way to...

Auctiva's starter plan Q's

trippleod3 ·
If i buy the starter plan will the listing price for 15 items be deducted? thanks

auctiva shipping insurance

driveinantiques ·
Hi, I am so confused with auctiva shipping insurance. For example, I have it enabled. So, when my customer checks out. Do they choose auctiva shipping ins. or do they just choose insurance? Then, do I go into my auctiva account and purchase the auctiva insurance? Then, when I print out my USPS postage and there is the the choice to purchase USPS insurance do I decline that? Isn't my customer going to question when they receive their package why USPS insurance wasn't purchase on their postage...

Auctiva Shipping Insurance vs. USPS Insurance -WRONG!!!!!!

soldittoday ·
On the comparison chart labeled "Auctiva Shipping Insurance vs. USPS Insurance" the first column is titled "Insurance Coverage (Auction's Closing Price)" This is not accurate. It is in fact (Auction's Closing Price + the S&H charged) This is a FALSE comparison between USPS and Auctiva as USPS does not charge to insure the shipping cost. In other words... So if I sold an item for $45 and shipping was $7 USPS would charge $1.35 for up to $50 in coverage shipping but Auctiva would charge...
Topic Site Update 6/11/13

auctivarebecca ·
Hello Community, We performed an update to the site today that included many changes to improve performance as well as several enhancements to our features. Although you won't notice most of the "behind the scenes" updates, you will notice that we've released new versions of our listing pages (Closed, Active, and Scheduled) to try out. Click the link at the top of the current pages to see the new versions. Just as we did with the new Saved Listings page last year, we hope you try...
Topic Site Update 7/24/12

auctivarebecca ·
Hello Community, We have completed our stealth-like site update that began earlier today and I want to give you a brief overview of what was in the release. Hopefully no one was disrupted! New option to choose what items are displayed in the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery . At the request of many of our users, we've added a new option that will help sellers who list mostly fixed price, good 'til cancelled listings. Traditionally, each time the scrolling gallery refreshes (which it does about...

Auctiva customer service???

charmedcreationsandmore ·
Over the past few weeks, our email import has not been working. At times we were unable to send out store emails to customers so Auctiva was manually sending them for us while the techs work on a solution. Auctiva has created several new import lists in an attempt to resolve the issue that has been going on before black friday (NOv. 25th) however, when I send emails, I'm getting hate mail from customers who have previously opted out from receiving our are a few from today...

Auctiva find and replace

traffordangling ·
two questions really if you will . . . . . we've had some price changes from a supplier yesterday, the day after over 30 listings went live via auctiva . . . . can i use find and replace to alter the BIN price (they're all fixed PL's) or do i need to go into EB to change it? i thought if i altered it in auctiva and saved it'd have to be posted again as a new listing ? thanks in advance people . dave

Auctiva have overcharged me on my direct debit this month

bunnygirl ·
Has anyone else been overcharged? I pay $19.90 a month for the Premium Plan on direct debit and this month they have taken $29.85 out of my account. I thought the packages were set? I can't see any price rises detailed on the site, and none of the packages relate to that price. I am pretty hacked off about this. Could anyone maybe explain? Best wishes Alison

Auctiva Insurance & Checkout

queenofcollectibles ·
This is going to be a little hard to explain but I hope you understand my question. I use eBay checkout but had Auctiva Insurance enabled to automatically purchase the Auctiva insurance when requested or required. I was considering switching over to use Auctiva checkout but when poking around to see how it worked, noticed that the insurance costs and invoice totals didn't match with the eBay invoice. For example, a $19.99 item that the customer requested insurance on was charged at eBay 1.70...

Best Match?

bluejen ·
I think the new policy for Best Match when buyers search is really being overlooked and may be the crappiest thing in this whole fiasco. Sure, the buyer can change it to listing ending soonest or by price, but how many will? This is just from the eBay glossary, but I urge those of you that don't know about it to read up on it over there. IT may be the last straw! Best Match The Best Match feature gives buyers another way to organize Search Results helping them find items more quickly. Along...

Best Offer

savingstoyoujeans ·
the listing template comes up fine but the 'best offer' area has disappeared for the fixed price or inventory options. Can't list - where'd it go?

Best offer Checkbox

queenofcollectibles ·
Hi, the Best Offer option is missing from the listing form. I've tried Firefox, Chrome and IE and it's the same on all. I am trying to list fixed price with best offer but the option is just gone. It showed up momentarily when I switched over to Auction but now it's gone from there also. If I check my saved/scheduled listings from yesterday, best offer is there but it's not available for use today. Anyone else or it's just me?

Best offer disappeared and error message: memory 1193

ronapp ·
Just had some strange things happening when adding new items in my list. The Best offer location is gone. It is a different template in that section than it was yesterday where the Start Price, Fixed Price are. I am also getting great delays when uploading pictures to my listing. It freezes my screen for about 2 minutes then brings up an error of memory 1193 or something. Has anyone else had problems?

Best Offer Enhancements

danno ·
Two suggestions with credit to member virginiabeachgirl for spotting the deficiencies: 1. Add Best Offer icon to Store ad and Scrolling Gallery for OBO items. Lack of designation inhibits viewing item by buyer, i.e. price appears to not be negotiable as listed. 2. Add OBO auto-accept minimum price to one-page lister. Deficiency currently requires revise listing at eBay to correct (as workaround) and is sub-standard to eBay one-page lister capability. Danno

Best Offer Listing Help

tazmaniac1967 ·
I'm trying to do a Best Offer Listing through Auctiva and I have searched these boards for an answer to my problem. I have chosen fixed price auction, but no option to accept best offers is listed under the price like I've seen people state should be there. I'm using IE7 if that helps.
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