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Best Offer Option

pinkleathershoppe ·
Hello everyone! Sorry, if this has been asked previously or I am missing it somewhere, however, I do not see how to choose Best Offer when listing items on eBay. I only see Store, Fixed Price and Auction. Is this choice available when using Auctiva? Or do you have to list it then go in through eBay directly to revise your listing? Thanks for any help.

BEST offer option has disappeared from the Fixed Price Option-

katyrrell ·
Has anyone else noticed that this option is missing when creating a new listing? Thanks-

Best way to bulk edit remove shipping and add to item price

auctiontime4u ·
hi, Due to ebays new changes, we may include shipping in the item price amount and remove shipping fees from all of our listings. If we decide to do this, if i make these changes directly in the active listings on ebay will the changes be imported into those listings in auctiva ? Or, do i need to wait for the listings to expire and then make changes in auctiva and then relist. Appreciate any suggestions/help on best way to do this. thanks, john

Big Crumbs vs. Kick It Back ???

nightowl ·
Big Crumbs vs Kick it Back? Any thoughts as to which is better to use? -They both seem to be only good for BIN items as they only refresh once every minute? BC ? = Should I be a "Saver" with 36% of seller insertion fees or an "Earner" with 20% of seller insertion fees + referral credits. Which is better without being a true retailer? Less for personal purchases with hopes of downline people, or more for personal purchases, but less for downline? KIB = 1% of sale for purchase + 1/2% for...


toccoah74 ·
Hi all- I made the template and have listed auction style. However, I went to list a BIN and filled in the BIN price and it keeps telling me to place in a START price...Any idea?

Blujay Best for Alot of Folks !!!!

weirdbrianpatrickhero ·
Blujay is indeed BEST for both sellers and buyers in many areas..... First it is best of all sites in the ease and speed and lowest price for a buyer to complete a purchase... blujay and ecrater both are essentially froogle stores..... one goes to .. puts in a search for ones interest and both the tems from blujay and ecrater show in the list all equal THERE in being quality... next steo is clicking on the ITEM of interest... with blujay which shows the item alittle more vibrant...

Book lots, a few ARCs, some distressed - starting up at COST

egohr2 ·
Hi I'm putting lots up on Ebay to expand my online book biz which has been Amazon only since 2005. As you might guess I have accumulated books that aren't worth selling individually, or aren't legal on Amazon (ARCs, missing a page, or British editions, or whatnot). For now my auctions will be starting near cost and you might find some bargains. Ebay items are under bookivore, Amazon items are under thebookivore. If you are interested in a bunch of my Amazon items send me a message (NOT thru...

Boxes and Bags - GBE Packaging Supplies - New to this forum - Hello

boxesandbags ·
Hi Everyone - Selling shipping supplies to Amazon and Ebay sellers since 1998. We are here if you have shipping questions or if you buy packaging supplies we would love to try to save you money. One of the main reasons we are here is everyday we speak to customers that say I wish I had found you years ago and we should be on the seller forums so here we are I hope we can be of assistance to all of you. We try to keep our prices lower and we dont have to tell you how expensive shipping is for...

Brand New and Need Help...

bella87 ·
Hi, I'm new to auctiva and I an trying to post a listing to ebay. I keep getting an error mesage telling me this... eBay listing failed to pass validation for the following reason: * Invalid pricing for flat rate shipping options. * To have "Check item description..." displayed without specifying a price, select Flat Rate Shipping and don't specify any shipping service options or ship-to-locations. I went in to change this and even took the extra flat rate shipping option out of there but I...

bulk changes

scottg ·
Would be nice if I could change shipping prices on all my items at once rather than 1 at a time..right now I only have 300 so its not bad but I am hoping to move over everything from turbolister(6000 items) but there is not way I am going to update 600o items individually..would take months. In turbolister I highlight them all and choose bulk change and change the price and it updates them all in a few minutes. Scott

At what point do you open a Store?

marciay96 ·
Hey everyone! I have a question. I am going back and forth between opening an eBay store or just having fixed listings. At what volume point do you make the leap to the store?? Do any of you have great succes with fixed price listings that only run for a week at a time? Thanks in advance!! Marcia

ATTN Sellers! Promote your Best eBay Deals on the KickItBack Forum

auctivamiked ·
Hi Community, As many of your have probably noticed already, we have recently started heavily promoting the service offered at This service allows buyers to earn cash back rewards of up to 1% of the final selling price for any eBay purchased they initiate through the KickItBack website. We have just started a new section of the KickItBack community forum called "eBay Deals" and we encourage everyone to post links to their best eBay deals in that thread. The KickItBack service...

auction with Buy it now. The Buy it now price is still in the slide window after bid

lebice ·
item # 5819530762 the buy it now price is still in the slide window after it got bid. This should be a easy problem to fix, right?

Auction won't accept any start price!

holger ·
I had hoped to get some listing done today however I can't get my auctions to accept any start price.I'd like to use $0.01 but I keep getting the message in red letters saying start price invalid.I get this message no matter what start price I try to use.

Auctiva & Real Estate Listing

rupphacker ·
I have a question..just maybe somebody knows the answer too. Here we go: I want to list my house on eBay in the real estate section. I want to use Auctiva, templates & picture features, etc. eBay has a feature I need to use called "ad format" this is an upfront fee no Final Value Fee. However Auctiva nor any other service I know of, has this "ad format" checkbox I can use after creating the listing to post it. Does anyone know "if" you can use a differnt format, like "fixed price", etc.,...

auctiva challenge

edneff ·
I really hate change (I really really want to stay here) so I am going to try one other way to elicit any type of response of any Auctiva Management Folks. Rebecca while I appreciate you being our spokesperson (it would have been nice if someone in Auctiva had told us that) you are not management Below is the one change (feel free to add more :-) ) I beseech you to consider if you could allow the Closed Folder to update the various Profiles, as currently can be done with the Saved Folder,...


naz ·
I have begun using the auto-relist feature but I have noticed a few problems with it. 1. If a listing is subsequently edited (e.g. a change in description, price, postage) after it has been posted with auto-relist activated, then none of the changes are displayed on ebay even after the item has been automatically relisted. 2. If a listing is changed so that the auto-relist profile is deactivated, is still gets automatically relisted by ebay. Does anyone know a way around this?

auto relist - multiple profiles on one listing?

norfolkgoldandsilver ·
is it possible to have auto relist set up to: If item does sell raise the price by x percent It item does not sell lower the price by x percent I did not see this is possible however wanted to write the community to make sure.

Auto relist profile, needs a price reduction cap/limit

enigma ·
Hi all i think with ebay's free postage policy on several main categories there should now be the option to have a 'limit' on the relist profile that the price cannot fall below and still relist, for example a 10% reduction on some of my slower selling listings have resulted in items going for less than a fiver, which in some cases is just what the postage costs are. any feedback would be appreciated rob

Auto relist reduces starting price. How about BIN?

qster ·
I see I can the Auto Relist agent to reduce my starting price by 20% upon a relist. Will my Buy It Now price remain the same, or will it or can I reduce that also?

Auto Relist with Auto Price Adjustment - Is this available on Auctiva?

jdsmith ·
I've been wanting this for quite awhile but have not found it yet. I was wondering if Auctiva offered anything like this. I just signed up for my free trial and am trying to figure Auctiva out and determine if I want to keep the service past my 30 day trial. Here's what I want to be able to do......Lets say I list something for $10.00 at a fixed price for 30 days (whether I choose a 30 day listing or good til cancelled). After 30 days, if it doesn't sell, I want the item to auto relist and...

Back to discussin' insurance...

captbinghamton ·
Avast, yez Auctivians! First off, ye needs to know yez got some typos in yer insurance chart (under help/myaccount/AuctivaShippingInsurance/AuctivaShippingInsurance). From $700.01 on up in the "You Pay Auctiva" column, yer price is a buck too high at each level. Second, I was jest curious - if there was any 'ticular reason the "amount we collect" is at the old pre-increase post office rates instead of the same. Not a big deal, jest wonderin'. Thirdly, an I mebbe missed this somewhere's along...

API Error

e-store20 ·
I have posted an item to ebay, but it has been two API errors which are described below: API Error You must be a store owner to list Store Inventory Fixed-price items. API Error The seller is not qualified to list a store fixed price item, or store Fixed-Price feature is not available on international sites. What wrong with that? How can I do it?

API Error

clickbee ·
Why do items save without generating error messages and then schedule without generating errors yet when time to post arrives they fail.. Not posted: API Error View Error: At least one domestic postage service must be specified when listing in the Victorian (1837-1901) category. What on earth is that all about? I had specified "Courier" for shipping - so a domestic postage service was given. I ended up pricing a fixed price delivery on Auctiva to post the listing and then editing the listing...

API error code

personalstyle ·
I have just started to use Auctiva instead of listing directly with Ebay. I spent hours posting auctions and when I went to review all the auctions I had scheduled no auctions had been posted. I had an "API error" code on each one. When I opend each auction to edit the errors it said I had an error in the title, the item description and the price. I have no idea what I have done wrong, it is the same format I have always used. Any ideas? I am going nuts!!!

April 21 eBay auction promotion

pattycyn ·
Does this 15 cent promotion apply for those items that haven't sold, either in store or Fixed price. Can we send them to Auction for the 15 cent promotion rate, or do we have to make an entirely new listing?

"Are eBay's Sales Tools Worth the Price?"

auctivaeditor2 ·
You can read "Are eBay's Sales Tools Worth the Price?" here . Reply to this message to discuss it.


2ndchancewholesale ·
Hi, My name is Chuck. I live in Sunny Central Florida. I Purchase Large Lots of primarily Men's Designer Clothing for the purpose of Re-Sell. I purchase these Lots as Overstock or Clearance Items,(Never Store Returns or knockoffs)from Well Known Major Department Stores. I carry only Authentic,Brand New with Tags,Designer Label Clothing items in various Sizes,Styles and Colors such as: Men's Shirts for Dress and Casual. Men's Pants for Dress and Casual. Men's Shorts for Casual and Swimwear. I...

Auctiva - UK Version

gooner ·
First of all I only enroled on Auctiva tonight so I have a lot to learn and can I start by saying what a GREAT idea it is and it's all free so what can I lose. Well ......... time is the most precious commodity and I have a similar problem with Auctiva as I used to have with Microsoft a few years ago. It is totally US centric and although I have logged in as an Ebay UK user it continually prompts me for eveything for the US. E.g I have to change all memus to UK everytime I want to add or...

Auctiva Web Based Tools Vs Classic Software

tal69966996 ·
I was hired by an IT Asset Recovery company a couple of months back. My job is to develop a sales program on eBay. Company has never sold on eBay until acquiring myself. I know very little in regards to eBay or Auctiva however learning daily. I started eBay sales using Auctiva’s Web Based tools and am currently listing 10-15 items a day. I would like to double this immediately however foresee major hurdles down the road. Currently I spend most of the day pricing new and active listings to...

Auctivas's App for the iPhone App Now Available on iTunes Store

auctivatonym ·
Hi Community, Want to let all you Apple iPhone users out there know that we have our iPhone Auctiva lister application now available for you. It's free to download it. You can read all about this app here and download it to your phone from the Apple iTunes store. Here's a quick list of stuff you can do with the app. Create new listings, complete with descriptions and photos * Add the Buy It Now option and set the BIN price * Choose the duration of your listings * Select the appropriate...
Topic question

japd ·
Hi guys I have few question regarding do you have any merchant account you recommend? I found two that look reasonable in price and no setup fee (I do a little google and it said they using as gateway) (of course they use but I want to make sure before I signup with them that it is working and compatible with auctiva. I send question straight to support but they said it only support which make me confuse,...

Bulk Editing and Find and Replace Error

aalzzys ·
Is anyone else experiencing getting an error message when using the bulk editing or find and replace tools. I have been trying unsuccessfully for 2 days to change the BIN price of my listings with the find and replace and even did the bulk editing tool with my 100 listings and get the same message: An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

Bulk editing from fixed price to auction

jomomma ·
Is there a way to bulk edit fixed price listings to make them auctions? Revising each one individually would take me forever and I'm not seeing any way to do this.

Bulk editing multiple saved listings?

osg ·
Is it possible to bulk edit shipping on your saved listings? I noticed you can bulk edit these things: Make Editable: All Title Start Price BIN Reserve Quantity Duration but bulk edit of any of your profiles has got to be possible, and no Im not talking about editing the actual profile but editing the profile in my saved listings.

bulk relist from fixed price to auction format?

x6ftundx ·
Is there a way you can change say 50 ended auctions from fixed price to auction format in bulk? I can do one at a time but it's such a pain.


lanakirandyinhawaiian ·
Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo. Found your site on a ebay community, and now I'm a happy, happy Hawaiian. Best thing since sliced fruitbread. Mahalo.

Hard to explain problem.....Please help!

melw ·
I was just doing a listing from one of my saved listings. I was putting one on as fixed price and tried to use the same fixed listing, change the sizes etc... and put it on as auction. This is something I have done many times in the past. Well, this time, the first listing shows up fine when I check my schedule listings. But after I do the second listing with different sizes etc.. to put on as auction, and schedule it, and go to my scheduled has completely changed to match the...

Help w/ switching from auctions to store listings

catisfaction ·
Hi, I've used Auctiva on and off for years now to list auctions or fixed price BIN's on ebay. I have just opened an ebay store for the Christmas season and I want to be able to list previously saved items from Auctiva but as Store items on ebay instead of auctions or non store BIN's. I see the option to choose good till cancelled in the listing form but is there anything else I have to do to make my item go in as a store listings rather than a non store listing? Do I need to tell auctiva...

Help with Listing

doubleeagle ·
I did two fixed price listings about 6 hours ago. One showed up immediately, what happened to the other one?? Do I relist it? Thanks Trisha

Help with my new template

anvilmo ·
Hello, I decided to change my template a few days ago and I could get everything done the way I like it except for a couple of things. Could you please help me? Thanks! I don't know anything about html language. Honestly, I copied and pasted from several sources things I liked. This is what I would like to change: 1. I would like to give the description a border. Color #933211 and size 30. I am having lots of trouble with this because when I add the border, it appers both in the exterior of...

Help with Scrollng Gallery

chuckebum ·
I am a newbie that is struggling with listing I have placed on ebay through Auctiva. I placed my first listing the other night and my scrolling gallery is showing the original Buy it Now price even though I amended it not 20 minutes after original listing. This was 3 or 4 days ago now and it hasn't changed. My gallery is also not showing the listing I put on previous to this onedirect through ebay. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE

hey its free !!!???

colinbailey ·
hi i read the sighn it said free but as they say there is no free lunch . as i understood it the man said where u see the lillte green dollar sign then that means that this is what u would be charged by ebay ?? add a gallery little green dollar sign no its not free to list photos it still costs ebay fee. second header in title little green dollar sign once again its not free ebay charge normal price.??? so where is the free bit ??

hi i listed my first ebay store item and i can't edit it???

jjcoolstuff ·
hi i can;t edit it on ebay ebay store item listed on auctiva this morning can't edit it on ebay i needed to edit the price and shipping stuff keep getting error message help please jj

Hiding number of items for sale in Store

adamraoof ·
Say I have 10 copies of the same book for sale and I want to give buyers a BIN price in my store. I want the item to be listed as long as I have items in stock. When I list, it appears to show the number of items for sale, and I would prefer not to reveal that to browsers in the shop. Can I do that? Adam

HEL Again! Create Similar from BIN to Auction

leahyrlw ·
Help. I am starting from a saved Store (BIN) listing creating a similar Auction listing and it will not let me take away the BIN price or leave it empty. Keep telling me again that the BIN $ is incorrect. It worked for one day.


chuckebum ·
I have just recently started using the site and listed a item on ebay using scrolling gallery. I then revised my item selling price and uploaded to ebay. the price on the scrolling gallery is still the same and also does not shoe my other item I am selling. I listed this at around 0130 this morning but nothing has changed as of yet. Hope someone can help as I am now lost.

HELP! ASAP Please! New to Auctiva & having some problems with listing

vbtrader ·
I am new and working on my first listing with Auctiva. This is a fixed price auction and I have entered the price in the Buy It Now block. However, when I preview the ad, it just says Buy It Now, but does not show a price. When I calculate EBay fees, the correct estimate comes up. Does the price just not show up until the ad is actually posted to EBay? If an Auctiva listing posted to Ebay is not showing the correct information, how can it be changed? Also, can BIN price be changed on a...

Help: Can't find my listing on ebay

deana ·
Newbie here and really frustrated. If anyone can offer any help, suggestions I can't begin to tell you how thankful I'll be. It took me a few days to get down how create a listing (using and altering autivia template), but happy to report I finally figured it out. Now the must frustrating part of all. I created a listing and posted it a couple of hours ago. It's now ebay Item number: 290209198279 if anyone wanted to take a peak at it, if they can -- because the super strange part: it shows...

HELP - having touble with Auctiva & Google Chrome

apopinions ·
I have been using Auctiva for a very long time and I have also been using Google Chrome to access it as it is a nice light and extremely fast browser for doing auction listing. Suddenly things are not working when I use Google Chrome, photos will not pop up for selection, once a category is selected the pop up box will not go away, in a fixed price listing the drop down menu does not have 30 days as a selection. Any ideas? This is a huge problem for me as using Google chrome allows me to do...
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