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Can't mark my Paid listings as Paid!

tmpaulk ·
This question has been posted but not really answered. I have 6 closed listings in Auctiva that have been paid but I shows Awaiting Payment. I tried to mark them as paid but I get an error message that they can't be marked as paid. What is the underlying problem and is there something I need to do in order to be able to mark them as paid? Any help here would be greatly appreciated, Thanks guys, tmpaulk

can't open saved listings

savingstoyoujeans ·
when I try to open saved listings I get an error message saying it cannot process my last request, file a case, etc. - oh, oh is there a bug happening?

Can't post

kuprion99 ·
Everytime I try to post something I get the error about needing to pay my bill or have it set up for automatic billing. My ebay account is current and I owe them $0.00, I checked again this morning. There are several things that were supposed to post yesterday, but still can't get them to post. Any thoughts?

Can't post any ads to ebay.

aplusguitars ·
When I try to poat an ad to ebay the ad goes to scheduled ads and just sits there. I get a message that says " Picture URL has ebay domain API Error. I have contacted support that was pretty much no help at all. The answer I got did not even relate to the problem and it took over 24 hours for to get the wrong respose. Anyone here have the same problem? Thanks in advance

Can't post listing to ebay

99world-mart ·
When I post my item in Auctiva to ebay, the following error appear: API Error Your weekly selling activity limits have been exceeded, or the user has not registered as a seller. Please check eBay for selling requirements. What is this? How to settle it?

Can't post my listings, get error

thatgirlblu ·
I posted 12 listings to ebay, but there were 4 that would not post. I got this message: The following 4 listing(s) were unable to post because they did not pass validation and need to be edited before posting: It does not tell me WHAT needs to be edited....and what is validation? How do I fix this? There is nothing at all different from these 4 listings than the rest of my listings that DID sucessfully post, besides obviously the photos and description (which are all spell checked and neat...

Can't post or save listing.

kaylamom1 ·
"An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues." Wrote a listing and then tried to post it and got the above error after a pause of a minute or so. When I hit the back button, the description and title were still there, but the photos, item specifics, and template were gone. I hit "save", waited another minute, and got the same error. Tried again, same thing happened. Is it just me or is something going on??

Can't post to ebay after changing bank acct

carolhearn ·
I changed my bank acct info on ebay on 10/28, and it is correctly reflected there. Today I tried to list through auctiva as usual, and my listings are not going to ebay. The error message is: "We noticed that you don't have a payment method set up with your eBay account. As soon as you take care of this, you'll be able to list more items." I called ebay, and they assure me that everything is fine on their end. They suggested generating a new token (although the one I had showed as "valid").

Can't preview listings.

flashdance ·
I completed my first listing and tried to preview it. I used one of my own custom templates and wanted to make sure everything looked OK before I sent it to auction. Everytime I try to preview I get an error message: "An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. " What do I do? Why is this happening? I am getting kind of frustrated and keep listing through Spare Dollar, as I can't seem...

Can't relist

itsjustme ·
I keep getting error messges. Filed a support ticket. Anyone else?

Can't relist keep getting errors

itsjustme ·
This webpage is not available. The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Here are some suggestions: Reload this web page later. More information on this error Below is the original error message Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.

Can't Save Listings

windsorkid ·
Hello everyone. I've tried several times today to create new listing to save for future posting on eBay and every time I try to save a listing, I get error message from Auctiva. Anyone else having this problem?

can't save my listing

Guest ·
Hi there, i just bought a new computer, but then when i try to save my listing or try to edit my old listing and save, it come to an error page and don't go anywhere ! is anybody can help on this issue? thanks Steve

Can't Schedule - Deleted Image

suzi ·
I continue to receive the following error: Your ad was saved but not scheduled. The description contains one or more deleted images. Please check your description, remove these images, and try again. I have tried to list this two ways: via 'saved listings' and then importing from closed listings. I have deleted every image in the listing (both from the listing and permanently using Auctiva's delete function). I have reuploaded the images I want to use and continue to get this error! BEYOND ...

Can't schedule listings???

victorianbj ·
Hi. I am getting an error message trying to schedule, with no reason given in the Reason area. I passed the Error Check, so is this just a temporary glitch, I hope?

Can't schedule my listings?

princessquitealot ·
Hi, I'm new to Auctiva. Well, actually, I'm a prodigal returning to the fold lol. My problems is that I can't seem to schedule my auctions. I saved them all, but when I try to schedule them, I keep getting an error message to "edit". When I go to my listing, I don't see anything wrong. I did the tutorials. Guess I'm not seeing or understanding what the problem is. Anyone care to enlighten me? Thanks!

Can't schedule or post saved listings

maximuscatticus ·
I can't post or schedule my saved listings. I keep getting this message: Error The following 1 listing(s) were unable to post because they did not pass validation and need to be edited before posting: * Auction Title " I haven't changed anything in my saved profiles, and the error message is vague so I don't have a clue where to look in the listings for the problem. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Can't select photos to insert into auctions

tomas ·
My photos upload to Auctive ok but when I open the Image Selection Window to insert them into my auctions, the photos never appear and the window times out and I get the 'ol "IE cannot display this webpage" error message. Works once in awhile but even then it is super slow to load. It's been doing this for about a week and I haven't made any changes to my browser. Anyone else having this problem?

Can't Send Support Request

oemoutlet ·
I have been trying for two days to send a support request, but I keep getting: Server Error in '/' Application. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Can I find this and if not when are you going to fix it?

al ·
It seems that when listing an item and if I make an error and I hit post and save it comes back up with the error message at the top. This is a nice little reminder and it keeps all of the fields intact except for the main one ... item description. This comes back blank so I have to spend more time filling all the information in for that item AGAIN. This is really a huge hassle when I am listing a music item such as a cassette because I always try to list the title of the songs. So now I...

Can I revise a closed listing before relisting it?

valueappraiser ·
I closed a listing early due to an error in it. I would like to revise the listing and fix the error before relisting it. I this possible?

Can not get access to Home page Get this error instead HELP

moonandstarman ·
I'm getting this error when trying to access the home page of Auctiva. Can not get to "Help" to post it there so I'm hoping someone from Auctiva sees the post and corrects. This is the only place I can get access to. Sorry if this isn't the place to post. Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for...

Can not log into site

boudoirbabe ·
Hi, Am trying to login but get directed straight to an auctiva error page and do not even get the chance to enter username and password. The page I am directed to has a link to this forum and suggests that I log a support ticket. The support ticket link does not open. I have not logged in since I have begun paying of the site but did get email confirmation that my payment has gone through. Any idea's? Thanks, Ru.

Can not log on

globalunite ·
I am having problems logging on to the main account it keeps giving me an error page and will not let me sign in, can anyone help? Or do they know that they have this problem? Thanks Ray

can NOT open my LISTINGS tab... 2/27/08 1 pm est

crabby ·
I signed in, clicked on the LISTINGS tab & after a L-O-N-G wait I eventually get the error message: Anyone else having problems? Is there an ETA or workaround??


crabby ·
I signed in, clicked on the LISTINGS tab & after a LONG while I eventually get the error message: An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. Anyone else having problems? ETA or workaround??

Can not post listing

dwangel ·
Well, just tried to launch two auctions for the first time. Both failed. The error message is "Failed Listing API Error". Any ideas?

Can somebody tell me what is wrong with my auction?

thriftydiva ·
Im getting the error: eBay has not posted your item due to title, description, and/or eBay policy violation. Please contact Auctiva support for more information on why your listing has failed to post. Here you can see my auction...I don't get where I am in policy violation...can anyone help? Thanks. Thanks in advance.

Can Someone Help With This

parshouldbe100 ·
Hi, I’m trying to make this template work & I can’t figure it out. I copied & pasted my html into the template maker. When I tried to save it, I got an error message “about one & only one description or description & images”. I don’t know how to insert the “[Description]” box. Right now it’s inserted below my item description box. It will save like this in Auctiva, but when previewed there is a lot more information between the [Description] parentheses. On the practice board...

Can someone please help me??

cae3575 ·
I keep getting this error message when I try and post auctions. I have never had this happen before. Can someone help me ? Boys OLD NAVY Sports SHORT SET ~ sz 4 ~ Basketball API Error The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

Can't access "file a support case"

ricktheruler123 ·
I'm having a problem with my account. I cant get to the link to "file a support case" to file a case about something else. LOL. I get an auctiva error when trying to access it or the help page. This happens on multiple computers from multiple ips on multiple browsers. Probably not virus or malware related. Please help

Can't access lister?

wahm922 ·
Seems anything I click on in the lister gives me this page: An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues. Any suggestions?

Can't Access Manage Image File

buffy1qt ·
I upload my pictures with IE, but I do everything else with Firefox. I have never had a problem before. Well tonight I uploaded several groups of pix to add to listings, and when I tried to access them through my Firefox browser window, I couldn't. I keep getting an error message telling me if the problem persists I should file a support request, which I did. But in the meantime, I was wondering if this issue is an isolated incident or if others are experiencing it too. The message doesn't...

Buyer can't pay and not receiving Auctiva Checkout emails

shadetreegraphics ·
I have a buyer who is getting an error when trying to complete checkout and I noticed on my last two payments received I did not get an auctiva checkout email like I usually do....any suggestions?

buyers not able to pay

oldman ·
I have just ended several auction on ebay and my customers are trying to pay. They are telling me that Auctiva is giving them an error message that will not allow them to access my PayPal account. What the hell is going on? I am not amused. Immediate response please.

Calculating, charging shipping on heavy items

jett ·
I'm having a big problem, pun intended, on heavy and large items. Can't get a freight shipping option in Auctiva as with Ebay. So far had to list heavy items as will not ship, local delivery only. I think I've lost a lot of sales. Also with the will not ship local pickup only shipping option it will not allow to charge state sales tax. This gives an Auctiva error when listing.

Can anyone help me?

deborahg ·
I am trying to list an item on Auctiva but it keeps coming up with "API error". It says it is not a "Leaf Category" but I don't get what that is. Anyone know? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks! Deb

can anyone help me solve this API Error issue?

bogartstuff43 ·
okay, tell me how this can be.... I am trying to list an item that 3 other people have listed, I use all of the same words practically as those other auctions and every time I try to list it through Auctiva I get an API Error message stating that there is either something wrong with: The Title The Decription or The item is prohibited on ebay. NONE of this is true. I have compared at least three other current auctions of this SAME item that use all of the same words in the title, the...

Can free members still list?

gadawgsfan19 ·
i havent listed anything on ebay in a while. i just got done with making my listing and did my error check just to make sure everything was fine. i then clicked post to post the listing on ebay like ive done a million times before. im not brand new to auctiva but im not an expert. i know they have the new plans. they sound great. dont get me wrong, but i dont list enough to need those right now. maybe one day i will be listing so much stuff i will need the plan. i cant afford the pricing...

Changing GTC to a fixed time period

buttonwood ·
I can't figure out how to cancelled my GTC listings to a fixed time period. Error message says I can't do it since its listed in my Ebay store. And of course if I just end my listing early then it automatically relists.

Character map will not work in Title box

al ·
In my last response from support I was told that if I want the ¢ behind a figure in the Title box to use the Full Size Editor. Type my title in that box and then cut and paste it in the title box. That did not work. Same error came back saying Title not specific or something like that. Anyone know any solutions and if not I will file another support ticket

Checkout is Removing Shipping Method

jeansboutique ·
We've been using Auctiva with our eBay auctions for a few years with no major issues. About a month ago we noticed our orders had the Shipping & Handling method identifier removed during checkout. Shipping costs are charged correctly, but when the order shows up in our eBay Selling Manager, the shipping method shows "Select a Service" instead of 1st Class, Priority Mail, etc. The shipping cost is correct, so I have been able to guess what shipping method was selected by the customer.

HTML for store window causes 404 errors on my site - need full path to in yr code

whitemagic ·
hi there, just playing with auctiva to drive traffic to my ebay pages so ive inserted the html into my own external website page which i thought was a great way to use it. however when you click on the scrolling image, a new window opens to take you to that item unfortunately the link breaks and gives a 404 error. The html code only gives the relative path - so is this code only allowed to be used in an EBAY DOMAIN ? ive looked in the code but nowhere to put the full path to ebay :-( thanks...

HTTP and refund errors

federalbooks ·
I'm starting to get listing fail to post to Ebay with error messages such as the following: eBay security policy only allows HTTPS resources in listings, not HTTP. Please update or remove any HTTP resources Failed Listing Generated the Following Warning: Return Policy Attribute RefundOption Not Valid On This Site 20% of my listings using the same template got through, 80% failed. Some then go through by just hitting the Post button again and some refuse to post. I am using new Auctiva...


bayman49 ·
I keep getting this error and can not list any saved listings.. eBay security policy only allows HTTPS resources in listings, not HTTP. Please update or remove any HTTP resources. I thought Auctiva had this solved. Any help would be greatly appreciated..thnx

HTTPS compliant

beourguests ·
So I'm showing all of my listings not being HTTPS compliant? However you all are listed as one of the sites to go through to be HTTPS compliant. I only use you all to list and nothing extra. Its from images hosted from you all. Here's the error I got when I run ebays new tools to check. Security issues Some of the HTML resources are not HTTPS compliant ▾ Incompliant styles: Incompliant scripts: Incompliant HTML resources

Humble minor improvement

jett ·
In the creat/edit new auction format there are three buttons at the bottom; Preview, Calculate Ebay Fees, and Error Check. These are great but... I usually hit all three. The error check is the problem, it has the check box appear at the top of the auction page and it always increments the screen view down so one has to scroll back up to see the box. Maybe just combine the Error Check and Fee Calculator into the same button, and have it pop up at the bottom like the Calculator - which is...

I am new and am totally lost

linman ·
I was doing a support case #244544 about importing my existing eBay auctions. When I tried to reply because I don't understand this program yet I keep getting a Server Error in /Application - Runtime error. It is telling me to create a tag within the web config - configuration file in the root directory. I hava NO idea what this means - I am not a programmer. How can I reach a person to help me?????? My previous auction management program is closing down and I have to try to move 1500 items...

I am receiving a Description Tag Error when creating a new template

sunnydaycollectibles ·
Hi, I am trying to create a new auction template using HTML provided by my ebay store designer. I cut and pasted her HTML into the create template box. I then highlight and type over the spaces she created for my TOS. It all shows up fine on the Practice Board (disregard the titles in the template - we're still tweaking). However, when I try to save the template, I receive the following message: You must use one, and only one, description tag in your template. Choose [DESCRIPTION] or...

I am tired of the nonsense "API" errors everyday!

womandi ·
I'm sick of it. And the error messages are not even true. Seems I get one error message for every item I list! Example: The dimensions you entered are too large. Please check the dimensions of your package. They are not! I just rechecked on feebay and my largest dimension is 27" inches. I also got this same error on a large basket I am shipping. I put these dimensions into the 'oversized package' fields so they will calculate the correct shipping. Why would I be told what size MY package is?
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