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1. I would like to auto watermark images on loading, the option to keep original or even save with a different watermark might be of use to others.

2. I tried to list a number of items using the multiple item within one listing option - I found it almost impossible to work out how to arrange different types of my item, Then trying to change when I got it wrong was again impossible so I deleted and started again, took me 3 days of trying to get one multi listing correct!
I've been beta tester for many products - IT and hardware based, PLEASE try it yourself and see what happens.......
Pick an easy item, a jumper, colour maybe 5 off, then short or long sleve, V or polo neck.......
See how you do.
I found it impossible to work out how each section and related subsection.
The table of options at the end I had to use to work out in reverse how to enter the data.

I hope you find that of help, Its negative in my view of that section, But the hope is that helps progress it. Thank you.
Please add more fonts to description field on Ebay template. I typically use "arial black" and since you reduced number of fonts I am forced to use HTML to set fonts @ Arial Black. Also, when deleting folders/images and click "done" it would be helpful to return to the page position I started from rather than to the top of the folder page.
1. Please just acquire so we can have eBay/Amazon cross-posting in one place.

That feature is more important than any re-polishing of the core Auctiva stuff.

2. PLEASE don't go moving everything around just 'cause. The problem with feature adds, is if you change existing pages for fun then every employee has to be retrained.

Please fix the "new" Ebay Listing Editor. I find it requires more effort to write my listings than the old one. Before, I could modify an older listing by copying text from another source and pasting it into the page while maintaining the same font size, attributes, and color. Now, it just defaults to the standards. Then I have to highlight the new text and choose the font size, bold, and color manually which is a pain. This also happens when I just want to add more text to the old line from the other ad. Other than that, I find the editor very good.
1) I would like the ability to copy and paste. Right now it tells me to do a keyboard shortcut and that doesn't work. 2) I would also like to see the formatting improved. When I list something and then look at it the fonts and size on some lines have changed themselves into something I didn't put in. Its better than it was but still not good - makes me look unprofessional. 3) I would like to be able to edit my profiles in old templates that I used over and over. For instance, I would like to left justify my text but it only works on new templates. Thanks.
I would REALLY REALLY like to see the ability to search for a past listing using key words that do not have to be in any certain order. For example, if I type in the search box: Blue Vase , the past saved listing will pull up with the title: Blue Tall Vase.....Right now it will not work that way ...make it like the search engine on ebay. Thanks!!!!!
I am new to Auctiva and signed up after reviewing a lot of products on the market. A couple of weeks in it still feels like the right choice. However, one improvement would be regarding inventory and the ability to upload inventory from ebay selling manager pro and handle variations when listing new inventory in Auctiva. My view is that people/businesses signing up to Auctiva are serious about selling and serious sellers need to be able to manage variations in products and be able to upload existing inventory from other sources..without these features it does not seem complete. My work around that is far from perfect is to raise inventory items with variations in selling manager pro and all others in Auctiva but then this does defeat the purpose of having one system to manage it all.
There has to be a better system to delete photographs from sold listings on Ebay. If my auctions are linked to Ebay, then there should be a separate photo wizard to run that will help me delete ONLY those photographs used in SOLD listings on Ebay. Whether I relist with Auctiva or Ebay, it should still detect what listings of mine have been sold and allow me to quickly remove those pictures. Of course, Auctiva makes more money if I don't remove the pictures and I think that is the conflict which makes the picture deletion wizard impossible to use.
A better technical support team who knows what they're doing. If you look at my history of File Supports you will see well over 2 dozen templates that are hosed and I continue to get the same canned responses that "our engineer team is working on it". Really? for well over 3 years?? Your templates are awful. Half don't even appear as they should, half are missing graphics, or the fonts are screwed up, etc.. Check out my support cases and have yourself a good laugh. It's pathetic!
As at least one person has said, the font and size changes when you cut and paste the listing into the description box. Also, sometimes it changes it into italics when you create a similar listing, so I have to go into HTML format to change it to simple text.

Whenever I preview a listing before listing it, it will come up with someone else's eBay listing for sunglasses?? It does not show up when it lists it on eBay, don't know if this is a glitch on the system?
I don't have any of the problems others have posted on. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to transfer a saved listing from one Auctiva account to another. I have 2 eBay accounts and two Auctiva accounts. Both sell the same type of merchandise and it's really a pain to have to cut and paste descriptions, especially when font commands like "bold" don't seem to transfer properly. Other than that, I have no problems.
1) On the drop down menu for Country/Region of Origin I would like to see the United States at the top of the list. This will save a lot of time.

2) In the description edition when pressing the enter key I would like the system to enter <p> and not <br> for a paragraph break rather than a line break. Holding the Shift Key down and pressing enter should use <br> for line break.
1) Better editor - I echo the statements above about copying and pasting. I was able previously to copy and paste entire sections, but now it loses all formatting. Also, additional font options would be nice.

2) Ability to highlight a section of listings by holding the shift button - When I wanted to list 30 items that I had created awhile back, I had to check each individual box. I'd like to see the functionality which allows you to grab a section by holding shift and clicking the top and bottom boxes.
I would like the Auctiva uploader to allow me to magnify my photo's, so that I can choose the best one before uploading. This feature was in all of the last uploaders but missing from the new one. It is very difficult to choose a photo when all remain small and this takes much longer as each photo needs to be opened in another programme to find best one
Another feature I would like to see is a simpler way to reorder photos. Sometimes a seller gives me multiples of a certain category and if they want me to rearrange the photos it's challenging to remove them, go to that sellers' folder, and find the photos to the corresponding listing. If there was a way to just click and place them into order it would save me a great deal of time.
I'd like to see the return of easy "free tools" option for the months I do NOT use auctiva.
I've not been using auctiva lately because its a pain to sign up for auto payments .. then cancel.. the sign up again and find some charges I dont understand even if I havent used Auctiva. I avoid this service now, looking for another

A big issue is the photo quality. Auctiva reduces the photo quality to save webspace.

However, the photos are essential and the quality should not be reduced that much.

At first I thought that my camera is the problem. Then I realized that the pics are much better on flickr.

I started adding flickr links to my listings as the pics on flickr are far more crispy.

Sad that this is an issue. A number of high-res photos is one of the key features auctiva provides. But the photos should be at least as crispy as on flickr where I pay a minimum amount of money per year and can upload as many pics as I like....

And I am not talking about huge pics but pics in a size of e.g. 1500x1200, 400-500kb.

Please improve that! Thanks!

Best regards from Vienna,

1) real one page lister, without having to open a separate page for custom specifics

2) the ability to reorganise pictures in the listing (drag and drop) without having to open the picture window!

3) loading postage templates etc without having the whole page loading, the same as if i switch from fixed listing to an auction listing.

Automatic resizing of pictures to minimum ebay requirement (those that are small)
I would like to see it easier to make a custom template that includes MP# MP4 and Pics that can just be dropped and dragged into place and right click edited. Also right click edit and upload backgrounds.

ASIN, ISDN and UPC and MPN adds

Also how about call in tech support that is included in our membership??? Never have I paid for a service where if I had a user question I could call about it! Ridiculous ~

And it would be nice to upload our own replacements to YOUR themes e.g. backgrounds, headers, fonts etc.

How about a place that had a user template share???? Maybe we can upload a theme and you can approve it and then it can go live and grow the template archives which are now pretty limited to the simplistic!

Just my 14 cents ~
Originally posted by toyam:
1) real one page lister, without having to open a separate page for custom specifics

2) the ability to reorganise pictures in the listing (drag and drop) without having to open the picture window!

3) loading postage templates etc without having the whole page loading, the same as if i switch from fixed listing to an auction listing.

Automatic resizing of pictures to minimum ebay requirement (those that are small)
Here is a simple one.

bulk tools about being able to bulk change things that sellers actually have to do all the time when ebay makes changes?

1. bulk change UPC to N/A..I have manually gone through a few hundred and have probably 500 more and I gave up so I wont be able to ever list them until I spend time doing it manually.

2. bulk change category #'s..ebay changed category numbers last year or the year before and still no way to bulk change it...I still have 100's if not 1000's with old category numbers that I cant list until I do it manually.

every time ebay makes a change auctiva should be ready with the updates like they used to but the lack of updates over the last couple of years and changes that makes it easier for users who are paying a monthly fee = no one cares anymore or auctiva is going away soon...

Instead of having to click on eBay fees to see the fees total, I would prefer that the fees automatically be listed at the bottom, possibly next to the Save buttons. Also, I would like Auctiva to automatically check for errors in the listing when the Save buttons are clicked. If there is an error then you stay on the edit page to fix the error, otherwise the listing is saved and you move on. Thanks!
I would like to be able to delete pics from the 'select images' page. I think it would be easier to be able to right click on and delete a pic that I no longer need when I see it when listing an item, than to try and find it under the 'manage pic' page.

Another member said 'I would like to be able to type the first letter or letters of a country and have it come up instead of having to scroll through the entire list. I already know what country I want to add..
I also would like this feature.

Als, another member said 'I would REALLY REALLY like to see the ability to search for a past listing using key words that do not have to be in any certain order. For example, if I type in the search box: Blue Vase , the past saved listing will pull up with the title: Blue Tall Vase.....Right now it will not work that way ...make it like the search engine on ebay". I definite agree!

Thank you!
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I have mentioned this before but not in the suggestion thread so one more time.

I find the toggling back and forth on the "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" to be a major pain. Of course I want my images to appear in ebay's scrolling gallery beneath the header image why wouldn't you?
To create a new listing from an old listing (create similar) when selecting images you first have to un-click the " Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" box or go through a couple of additional clicks to delete all images, select the new images then re-click the "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" box. For me I often forget to re-click the box resulting in having to close the listing edit and re-post.

I have tried just using the " Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" section and not adding the images in the above section, since I don't care if I have the images duplicated in the body of my listings. I though this was working pretty well until I discovered that when I import the listings to ecommerce it only sends the header image unless I put images in both sections.

I know that some folks want images embedded in their listing and don't want those showing up in the scrolling gallery but there has to be some way to improve this. Maybe a profile option or general settings option.
You need to fix the 400 pix limit on imported Ebay listing pictures and import the original picture.

No one else has this restriction. It is extremely time consuming to have to upload all new images so listings can be relisted.

If you are not prepared to do this (and I have no idea why nothing gets done about it) offer 2 free months so people that want to use Auctiva don't waste time and money for fixing images and have no time for new listings.

This issue was brought up as early as 12/15 by someone else and still nothing done to fix it. You don't even have the courtesy to post this information on your web site.

I now have over 1200 images that have to be uploaded due to Auctiva's program not functioning as it is supposed to.

I am seriously wondering if Auctiva is worth it any more. What was a great program at one time, seems to have gone seriously down hill over the lasdt few years.

Hopefully someone with some power will read this and my open tickets and resolve this issue.

The boards are extremely dead and I wonder if Auctiva will survive with user base dwindling.
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