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Better search function to find past auctions. Right now you have to type it in exactly as it appears in the title for it to be found.
Hi! I do not see where you can load UPC for variations. Also, the ability to use more than one word to search for saved listings in my library would be helpful.


1. I would like to auto watermark images on loading, the option to keep original or even save with a different watermark might be of use to others.

2. I tried to list a number of items using the multiple item within one listing option - I found it almost impossible to work out how to arrange different types of my item, Then trying to change when I got it wrong was again impossible so I deleted and started again, took me 3 days of trying to get one multi listing correct!
I've been beta tester for many products - IT and hardware based, PLEASE try it yourself and see what happens.......
Pick an easy item, a jumper, colour maybe 5 off, then short or long sleve, V or polo neck.......
See how you do.
I found it impossible to work out how each section and related subsection.
The table of options at the end I had to use to work out in reverse how to enter the data.

I hope you find that of help, Its negative in my view of that section, But the hope is that helps progress it. Thank you.
I would like to see a search within a search. It is so hard to find listings from 7 or 8 years ago because I don't remember the order of the keywords in the tile. I would love to be able to search "mug" and then search just within those 500 listings for the word "cat" or Mickey"
active stopped supporting the iPhone App, it went dead on me for 2 months, I moved on and no longer have any interest in Auctiva. When my subscription runs out I am gone
The best improvement you could make would be to go back to the system you had a few months ago.Why fix something that does not need fixed?
I would appreciate a way to require payment at time of purchase. I understand this is available within eBay, but not in Auctiva. This is an ongoing pain, as people will purchase and then neglect to pay; sometimes for over a week!
I would love you to work on the Newsletter feature a little more, so I can choose between Auctions & Fixed price and can search for listings to promote Big Grin
Please add more fonts to description field on Ebay template. I typically use "arial black" and since you reduced number of fonts I am forced to use HTML to set fonts @ Arial Black. Also, when deleting folders/images and click "done" it would be helpful to return to the page position I started from rather than to the top of the folder page.
I would like a way for the deleted photos to be held for a short period of time so they are not lost forever. Similar to the function of holding deleted listings for 14 days!
1. Please just acquire so we can have eBay/Amazon cross-posting in one place.

That feature is more important than any re-polishing of the core Auctiva stuff.

2. PLEASE don't go moving everything around just 'cause. The problem with feature adds, is if you change existing pages for fun then every employee has to be retrained.

It would be really useful to have the ability on the Saved Listings page to set the default on the "show last days" to "all".
Also, to be able to stop receiving the newsletters which I neither want nor need.
A command button to return to the top of the page would be really helpful & it sure would be nice to select & upload all pics at once. Right now selecting & uploading take much too long.
I would like to see the return of the ability to display picture "Top and Paired" - don't know why this was discontinued
I would like to some new and updated templates along with the ability to add a watermark to all uploaded images! I'm suprised that these two things were not done a long time ago!
Please fix the "new" Ebay Listing Editor. I find it requires more effort to write my listings than the old one. Before, I could modify an older listing by copying text from another source and pasting it into the page while maintaining the same font size, attributes, and color. Now, it just defaults to the standards. Then I have to highlight the new text and choose the font size, bold, and color manually which is a pain. This also happens when I just want to add more text to the old line from the other ad. Other than that, I find the editor very good.
1) I would like the ability to copy and paste. Right now it tells me to do a keyboard shortcut and that doesn't work. 2) I would also like to see the formatting improved. When I list something and then look at it the fonts and size on some lines have changed themselves into something I didn't put in. Its better than it was but still not good - makes me look unprofessional. 3) I would like to be able to edit my profiles in old templates that I used over and over. For instance, I would like to left justify my text but it only works on new templates. Thanks.

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