Tomorrow (Sept. 6) is the day that we are supposed to have 80 characters in the Title Line - Will Auctiva be ready with this? Thank you
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I just checked on Ebay and they still don't have it. Someone posted on the forums over there that they won't have it up until the end of the day. Frown I feel like a kid waiting for xmas morning!
It is up on ebay but not on my Auctiva lister.

???? Is anyone getting the new 80 characters in their lister?
Well I had to revise something, and I did it through Ebay, and it gave me the 80 characters! Still only showing 55 on the Auctiva listing page!
The new 80 character TITLE is ACTIVE on ebay in both NEW listings and in REVISE listings.

Can someone on Auctiva PLEASE reply as to WHEN you will have the 80 character title line???

Thank you Frown
We are currently in the process of releasing this to the site. As usual, we had to wait for eBay to release it to their site before we could start the release on ours. Shouldn't take too much longer, and I'll let you know when it's live.
I have been using prior listings (before the 80-character title was up and running) to create new listings, and I'm still getting a 55-character title. Is that because I am using old listings to create new listings? Do I have to start fresh and cannot use the "create a similar listing" function if I want 80 characters? thanks.
No its not working properly. When you edit it and schedule it appears to be working.

Then go to your scheduled listings and see that on some of the listings it truncated back to the old parameters.
Just make sure to check your scheduled listings
If you don't schedule your listings, and post immediately to ebay, then the expanded titles are working.

If you schedule your listings, please check your scheduled listings as well as those that uploaded to ebay.

it appears to me that the engineers forget to change the parameters on the scheduled listing section.
Luckily all my scheduled listings went through okay, but I'll keep an eye out.
I read something yesterday on the ebay boards about listings "appearing" to not have the additional characters on Ebay unless you put your cursor over the title. I freaked out when I saw your post and checked the ones the I had scheduled to list this morning, and when I looked at my active listings directly on ebay it did look like the titles were cutoff like others had said. But when I put my cursor over the title the rest of the title appears. And all my listings currently scheduled in Auctiva show the full expanded titles, so it seems to be working for me, knock on wood.
Oh my gosh you are crapping me I know you know what I want to say!! All of the words do not show up and they expect the BUYER to pay to see all of it!!! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! Or do they think the seller will pay for the buyer to see it all!!???

Thanks for letting me know. I saw on my end that entire title hit as it is on my active, and just did check like I was buying and some is cut off. Thanks for letting me know.. so I know to put most important things first!!

I am calling ebay right now!! Hope others follow and do same.
My thoughts exactly! I guess it's good that the title will have more space to add keywords for the search, but if buyer's won't be able to see the whole title unless they put the mouse on it-feels like we were tricked into thinking the extra characters would be visible in the search results!
I just called they said wait time 3 minutes, was less than 1 minute. Ebay rocks with their phone service lately!! I think it is faster if you get the code # before calling.

Rep I spoke to said only one other person had reported this and they will look into it. I said, the hover over is not great that you have to get pretty close to the mark to know it is there and that buyers are not going to linger. He went into listing and said same think that if you do not "hit the mark" it does not show up. I asked specifically IF buyer or seller were going to have to pay for other letters he said NO that is already covered in fees.

I said IF all of the title is NOT going to show then the sellers need to be notified, as they will know to put their main words at front of listing..(example if you have a Twin Bed Spread, you obviously would want Twin to be close to front so it shows rather than last). He agreed and said he will send over to engineers.

Again, would not hurt if they got massive calls! Do not depend on other people as most figure, Oh, others will do it and then very few do it!
lookandbuyme raises excellent points regarding ebay.

I still encourage everyone who schedules to see that the scheduled listings have the full title. If they upload to ebay and the size gets truncated/deleted it is a waste of an ad.
Scheduled listing will not accommodate the 80 character title until possibly the next auctiva update.

If you schedule your listings you can check your titles in the scheduled items folder or edit them when they are on ebay.

Once they are in your scheduled items folder you cannot edit them there. You must delete the item and go back to closed listings to make the change.
While we are on the titles. . any chance of getting this fixed so we can see entire title bar without having to jog backwards.

We are 19 spaces from being able to see entire title without running back & forth to see what we typed. I have a very short memory and find I am going back and forth more than I would like doing this.

Auctiva any chance of doing this???

Auctiva, when is this going to be fixed? I continue to edit and schedule listings only to find that they are not posting correctly!
I was originally told via support ticket, that the 20th might (or might not) be the day the expanded character set is fixed.

Auctiva? We REALLY need this.
support indicated that it was fixed but the problem persists for all closed listings that are going to be relisted via bulk relist. Very disappointing.

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