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I've got Auctiva set up to relist automatically any item that ends without a buyer, and to reduce my startig price by 15%.

So, when my item finally sells, is there any way to tell or find out what my total insertion fees came to?

Let's say an item was relisted 5 times, with the starting price reduced 15% each time, and then it sells. Is there any report I can run, that will tell me that this item incurred $x.xx in insertion fees when it finally sold?
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You are right, sorry, it would be different auction numbers, you should be able to to go find on each invoice & put in item name in yoru find box and get that info from your old invoices. (I do not use auto relist so did not think about that).

But I do think you would have to go to ebay to get that information that auctiva does not have it as far as I know.

I have never seen anywhere to look on auctiva system nor would they have final value fees.

Sorry for misinfo. part.


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