I also sell antiques & collectibles. I would like to see some of the older template brought back & updated to be mobile responsive. The current selection is weak compared to what was previously offered. Bring back Cigar dog, camera & photo templates, Clock face, template, motorcycle templates. Please bring them back. I know Auctiva continues to add new templates. However, I do not consider a template with 10 color choices 10 new templates. Bring back some old ones. Thank you for your consideration.
I think the new template selections are abhorrent.1 option for sporting goods sucks. Not one option for outdoor mdse. Guess I will have to keep trying to create new listings from saved listings using old templates or start looking for new listing service
The new templates are sub par and the selection is horrendous. Auctiva should of been working on new templates a long time ago to comply with Ebay but apparently they dropped the ball. The only reason I'm here is for the templates, but if auctiva's templates are no better then eBay's crappy ones, why am I even paying for this service? They will start losing a lot of customers if they don't bring there templates at least back on par with their old examples.
Hello Community -

We have continued releasing new templates regularly, so the template selection has been increasing with templates that meet the current eBay standards. If there is a particular template or type of template you wish to see, please feel free to submit your request to our Feature Center, located here..

Please ensure that you make multiple requests if you have multiple types of templates you'd like to see so we can have the ideas up for the rest of our community to vote on.

- Craig
I'm really not impressed with the new templates. As a woman I liked the old prettier more delicate templates, and I like to have a white background as I find the lettering is swallowed up by a dark background. The new ones look like they've been created by a man and what is with the knives template?!! In this day and age, especially with Ebay not allowing many kinds of knives to be listed Auctiva have supplied many different colour variations on knives!!! Not very PC Auctiva!! Give us some delicate and more detailed and aesthetically pleasing templates!! Looking at the new ones they look like they've been designed by men!!
Hello Jsow102 -

I'm sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with our current templates. Please keep in mind that the changes to the the templates were made to keep up with eBay compliance regarding both active content and mobile friendliness for listings.

If you have suggestions relating to templates or any part of the service, please feel free to leave a suggestion at our Feature Center, located here. where our community can vote on ideas that help to inform the development of Auctiva.

- Craig
I totally agree about the templates being boring and not specific to ebay categories. I thought the templates Auctiva had before their "new improved" one were so much better. So many of the templates are unrelated to Ebay and outdated. I usually keep using the same templates because I can't find ones that go with my auctions. Sure wish they would come up with some better templates because I really like using Auctiva for my auctions.

I have been off ebayfor a couple of years while I got divorced- just come back to list some stuff-and I'm horrified! The templates are as grey as the british weather- they are AWFUL!!
the only reason I was on here was for the stand out templates, and this lot are a load of pastel rubbish.
All this nonsense about ebay is just that- they  don't care what colour the ads areas long as they get the money - and auctiva are not getting any more of mine- I don't care if people shop on ebay using steam engines - it doesn't justify dumbing down your site- wanting money for less effort-if auctiva can't be bothered to make the effort, I'll go somewhere else.
It's dreadful!.............

auctivacraig posted:
Hello Community -

We do have plans to release more new templates coming up, and as Greg noted above, we plan to release a few new templates every month. We have Holiday themed templates on the horizon as noted in the To Do section of our Feature Center here;and if you see other features already present in the Feature Center that you'd like to see, please let us know by casting your vote.

- Craig

HOW and Why would Templates relating to any major selling season be reduced. We are the sellers, and believe me, these increased buying times around the Holiday's whatever it is are still very alive and important to we SELLERS 



Hello Rockoman3803 -

Our older templates did not meet the requirements for the changes that eBay has been making for the last few years regarding active content and mobile friendliness, and as such, we were unable to continue offering them.  We have replaced our old templates with new mobile friendly and active content free templates that meet all of eBay's requirements.

 - Craig

Hello Examqueen -

I am sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with the template offerings that we currently have.  Please be aware that all of our templates are available all of the time, we do not rotate available templates based on season or upcoming holidays. 

If you wish to see other template designs, you are welcome to make your suggestions at the Feature Center located here.  Once approved, requests are available here for the entire community to review and vote on, the results of which assist in informing our development team for future site updates.

 - Craig

You can waffle your way round in circles here til the internet runs out of steam, but basically, the whole lot is bland and boring compared to what it used to be- I can see no advantage to giving you money for something I really don't like.
There are lots of bright skilled people out there who could do something about this- you should either employ them and get it sorted, or quit the business


Hello Examqueen,

While we appreciate your thoughts on this, please understand that the former templates were created in earlier versions of HTML, some of which is no longer acceptable with eBay's current requirements, nor with current browsers.  Unfortunately, we were unable to make the kind of change you have suggested to the prior template base and as a result have provided the templates we currently offer which are fully compliant with all of eBay's updated requirements. 

 - Craig

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