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Hi guys I have few question regarding

do you have any merchant account you recommend?
I found two that look reasonable in price and no setup fee (I do a little google and it said they using as gateway) (of course they use

but I want to make sure before I signup with them that it is working and compatible with auctiva.

I send question straight to support but they said it only support which make me confuse, aren't those 2 site I found use also

and do we usualy sign a contract with merchant acct (1 Year, 6 month etc2)
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Hi japd,

Welcome to Auctiva!

In order to accept non-Paypal credit card payments through the Auctiva Checkout, you must have an merchant payment gateway. I'm not entirely familiar with "" or "", however, from looking at their websites, it appears they offer a similar services to Assuming these companies provide the same service as, you would actually need to use for integration with the Auctiva Checkout system.

For further information on the pricing plans for service, please contact their customer support department.


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