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We do not currently offer an option that would specifically delete the images used in your unsold listings, but I will share your comments in that regard with our Product Management team as a suggestion for future consideration.

However, we do have a variety of image deletion options available which will hopefully make it relatively easy to delete the images you no longer need.

First of all, the Image Deletion Wizard (which is available under the “Images” tab within your account) is designed to identify any images that are not being used in active listings, saved listings, scheduled listings or profiles and remove them with just a few clicks, so that may be a good place to start.

Similarly, if you visit the Image Management page within your account, the “Listings” column will provide you with three values for each image which may help guide your deletions. These values represent the number of profiles, saved listings and active/scheduled listings each of your images is used in respectively.

Also, if you delete one or more items from your Saved Listings page, you will be given the option to delete the images used in the selected listing(s) as well. Therefore, if you are able to identify the saved listings that are associated with your sold items, you may find it is easiest to delete these images you no longer need using this process.

We appreciate the feedback! If you need any more specific assistance with this, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team directly from the “Help” tab within your account and we will be happy to continue working with you.


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